Let's get intoxicated.... presenting my new to me Cognac Twiggy

  1. :tup::yahoo: Such a lovely color.. Yummy leather too. So thick and smooshy!
  2. OMG! It is so yummy and gorgeous! Lucky you! Congratulation!!!
  3. niceeeee ~ yummy
  4. She is soooo pretty:tup:
  5. My favorite color B Bag!!!! Gorgeous!!
  6. Congrats! :drinkup:
  7. thanks ladies! She's definitely a keeper!:heart:
    BAMA, where r u? Another brown one, girl!! TEEHEE!:p
  8. Pinaygirl :nuts: Love love love it!!!! Nice to see another pinay here!:graucho:
  9. I agree that this brown is the loveliest of all browns!!;)
  10. Hi Chinkee!!! Yes I'm here representin' :tup:
  11. Oo:huh:o ... WOW ... she is gorgeous!!! Beautiful colour and leather! Congrats!
  12. Cognac is one of my favorite colors and the leather on yours looks amazing :love:. Congrats on your yummy new twiggy!
  13. Beautiful. I love cognac, it's just the right shade of brown to go with everything.
  14. Oh, so gorgeous!! Can hardly type, too busy :drool:!!!
  15. :nuts::drool::nuts: