lets get animal ( i'm dating myself here)....:)

  1. my new little zanzibar wallet and key case have arrived.....they are beautiful!:love:
    i also exchanged my plum utah wallet ( too bulky, too heavy) for the vamp usher....much better!:tup:
    here are some pics....the key case is wonderful bc it actually holds TONS. you can add cash, ccs and ID and just run out with that alone....:wlae:
    zanzibar items.jpg key case inside.jpg vamp usher.jpg
  2. Can I pet your zebra??? Love em all!!
  3. WOW! For someone who apparently likes the saggy elephant look (you know, I just pictured you at 80 with saggy stockings....how random was that!)...anyway! You have very good taste most of the time! :yes: I love all of your new accessories, but especially the zebra! :heart: And not just the hardware! :push:

    The usher is also really pretty, but I think you've convinced me that even I, Stinkerbelle, can carry off a bit of animal print! Even if it is hidden away inside my bag most of the time! ;)
  4. thank you bonnie, come on over and pet away....:tup:

    oh stinker...yes, get something animal print for inside one of your rings....:woohoo:
    and hey, i wonder how i'll look at 80,:girlsigh: maybe you pictured me at that age bc i channeled olivia newton john with "let's get physical"?...what year did that song come out anyway?:sweatdrop:
    disclaimer: for the record, i am NOWHERE NEAR 80, in fact i am a teeny tiny bit over half that....:hrmm:
  5. Do you think it will shed inside your bag rubbing against everything? I want to get a wildcat small bag to put my makeup in but I'm afraid it will have balding problems from rubbing.
    Wow, those are all so gorgeous looking!
  6. ^^ not sure jm. :shrugs:casey said it will pick up lint.....i can let you know once i start using them:okay:....unless heavy rubbing against something, i really don't think they will get bald spots. and casey said it is pre-treated for stains, which is relieving to hear.:sweatdrop:
  7. Congrats Mick! You've got great taste.
  8. :tup:Congrats Mick!! I LUV the wallet. Please do post on how it wears because I am interested to see how it does with rubbing inside the purse.

    I don't think I could carry a zebra bag, but the zebra wallet is too cool.

    I have to ask-- what does "lets get animal refer to"? I have heard of "lets get physical," but never that phrase.
  9. Good Lord! Now you've done it! You've poked the pig so to speak! :rolleyes:

    I can barely wait for this explanation! :sweatdrop: Just a forewarning, I recommend that you send all small children OUT of the room!
  10. Very nice! Congrats!
  11. Love love love your new additions! I'll have to look for the animal print next time I'm in the boutique. Congrats!
  12. I'll say it again...I love love love your new stuff. You just may be swaying me to the JC side (after the ban).

  13. I love your taste! Congratulations!
  14. That's what I thought it was referring to also....Mick??? Do tell!
  15. ladies...thank you all!:heart:
    my hawaii buddies...thanks for stopping by! and rg...what ban is this of which you speak?:p

    ok, the song goes..."lets get physical, physical, i wanna get annnnimmmmalllll":jammin:....whilst singing you must wear a danskin body suit (ha! older girls remember those?), tights and leg warmers, have a slight glow to your face, but not really be doing anything close to exercise ...ala olivia newton john.....ah, those were the days.....:girlsigh:

    see stinker...i behaved....i'm saving all my energies for the good stuff:graucho:.....the circus is coming to town!:yahoo:!! i got a shipment of flame resistant suits coming my way....just in case things get outta hand with the rings of fire:nuts:....i did tell you about that part, right?:shrugs: