Lets gather for a "Mini Pochette" club!!

  1. arent they adorable?
    may i start with mine :heart:

    i will use it when i go out for a quick trip.. or even put it inside my work bag to hold things i want to gather for fast access..
    or even for those days where i dont feel like carrying anything but my cles with some cash and cards and my mobile + mirror! :jammin:

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  2. Hi, I am in the club! :wlae:
    Azur Mini Pochette.JPG
  3. hold on uploading pics..........
  4. come on girlz!! how will we compete with other clubs!! get those cams and lets see all of minies out there! :yahoo:
  5. Here's mine:heart:

  6. Oh they are so cute.
  7. My cookies 'n' cream!

  8. lvsforme i can tell u are a true azur fan! i love all ur gorgeos azurs!! :welcome:

    cant compete with ur yummy title!! :heart: :roflmfao: by the way ur the :queen: so far!!
  9. This is definitely the cutest bag I own. I smile everytime I pull her out of my Speedy. :smile:

  10. An old pic...the first LV that I purchased in LV boutique.

  11. awwwwww looooooovely mini pochettes everyone! :heart:
    lets wait and see who is our queen? does any of us have all three? (mono, azur, damier?) :woohoo:
  12. come on girlz!! lets get those pics posted! lets see ur mini pochettes up here! :heart:
  13. Here's mine... juz received this surprise pressie :heart:
  14. OMG congratulations dear!!!! isnt it beautiful??!! and in damier!!Oo:huh:OOO:huh: looooooooooovely!! :heart: wear it in good health :flowers:
  15. Ooooo I'm in!! Sorry for the bad pics, I'm too lazy to take new ones!
    IMG_0014 (Medium) copy.jpg IMG_0012 (Medium) copy.jpg