Let´s find me the perfect Birkin to long for

  1. I may start with a Herbag (still not sure of the hassle of opening and closing) and maybe a vintage black box Kelly:heart: But it is clear that a Birkin is in the future (basically still far away financially).

    When I do get one (it is a when not a an if!) it will probably be used, bought from a reseller. Why it would be used a) The money issue b) I would actually stand a chance getting one because I cannot really establish a relationship via e-mail with an SA:sad: ).

    Lately I´ve been getting an itch to plan, to set a style so when I do find one with the money ready, I can snatch it right away. There are some restrictions:

    1) I don´t want to pamper the bag in a closet all the time so it has to be able to stand usage. So Togo?

    2) I have some issues with my neck (thank you mom for the c-cup:push: ) so if it would be the hand-held size it would have to be fairly light. Was it the 35 that was able to go on the shoulder? Also bodytypes; I´m an hourglass and fairly short 164 cm so the size I haven´t been able to get determined.

    3) Colour, neutral; gold, black, etoupe:heart: are my favorites, feel free to suggest! Colours I usually wear; On coats; black, brown. On shirts; white, blue (light), stripes (black and white), grey. Jeans mostly, darks and lights.

    4) the hardware is a puzzle to me, but I seem to prefer silver tones.

    Sorry this was long but if you have the time to help me it would be greatly appreciated:flowers:
  2. *puts on her thinking hat and peers in her crystal ball*

    For you, my dear, I can see... perhaps a little something in Chevre, as it is very light. If you want a very rugged leather, go for Clemence (but keep it a 30cm, it'll keep the weight down)

    Do you like colour?
    Because a nice splash of colour on your neutrals would look fantastic, but it would have to be an understated colour.

    Clemence (too bad it's quite heavy) in Chartreuse would look awesome with your colouring (I think). Or perhaps Raisin.
    Otherwise I can see you with Chocolate/Ebene. It's a nice change from black.

    Size wise, NOTHING goes over the shoulder unless you're a stick animal, so either a very light leather or a 30.

    Now do you want Big Mamma Perja to make voodoo juju for you to get bag, yes? *waves a chicken and ritual Diptyque candle around* :biggrin:
  3. Relatively light-weight and hard wearing? What about Vache Liegee? You can go a dark neutral like ebene or a lighter one like gold, which is quite light cf gold in togo or clemence but still fab!
  4. agree 30 cm, togo/clemence as they are very hardy...

    LOL! which scent diptyque??
  5. Weeeeeell. Rigorous scientific studies have proved that "Figuier" yielded best results.

    Sue, thanks for that, I had completly blanked out on VL and epsom (probably because I do not like them :biggrin:)
  6. *Puts the thinking cap on* I have to go scroll through the visual aids (again!) Having a mind-block over vache lichee:sweatdrop:

    Perja-Thanks for the chants, keep them coming:p Leave the poor chicken alone though:wtf:
  7. Nola - how 'bout etoupe togo in a 30 with PH :graucho: ?

    I'm the same height as you (and heavier too) and find 30 best. Do you have much to carry - will your Birkin be a tote or a handbag?

  8. Yes Etoupe is my favorite colour so far but I have to think will it be the right colour for my Birkin as there is probably going to be only one.

    30 would sound good to me too, or 35. I´m a sucker for big bags but the handheld part slows me down. I carry a lot I guess, depends on the standards; usually there are my epi pochette wallet, epi cles, phone (quite big and heavy sony ericsson), mono agenda, glowes in the winter, sunglass case in the summer, mini pochette to hold nick nacks.

  9. Clemence is gorgeous to me. Vache Liegee too, basically anything Chevre.
  10. I was thinking of your pic with your new scarf (gorgeous btw) and those lovely cool blues tones. I think etoupe is a great all-purpose neutral for your coloring.
  11. For reference; the size of the Birkin in the picture looks perfect to me. But what size is that, 30?
  12. Posh is 5'6" and skinny so I'm going to guess a 30. Damn, Vert Anis is so beautifulllllll!
  13. That's prime organic chicken, thank you very much! I'll have it for lunch if you don't want it :p
  14. ^^^ How can you always be so funny???:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I'm afraid Nola would like better the chicken to stay alive though...

    Nola, for what's regarding the bag I can see it either gold or ebène. Etoupe is a great color, but I'm not sure if I would advise it as a one and only bag, I'm afraid it would be a little bit tyering and also maybe not versatile enough. But I still didn't make up my mind about what leather.
  15. I'd say VB's Birkin is a 35, so if you like that big "tote" look - which is afterall what a Birkin was designed as then 35 might be better for you. Rockerchic has posted some comparison pics somewhere 30 and 35 on her frame and I think she's a similar height to you (from memory). Going to look now and check though....