Let's Enable Evie!!!!

  1. Sorry, Evie, but you started this!!! What kind a bag do you want?? Something girlie, like pink or maybe the Mollie?? I say, go buy one !!!!

  2. Count me in! Enabling wibes sent:wlae:! And crossing fingers and wish you luck with the shop Eviemarie:yahoo:!!!
  3. i have the press out tomorrow am do you think i will look like a big div if i hold my handbag?? Truth ladies.
    i have just sorted out the girls clothes 2 little pink ralph lauren polo shirt and little diesel jeans, so cute.
    i want something choco not a messenger i already have a oak bays, an elgin and a grey alfie.
  4. :woohoo:
    You know you want it...
  5. Evie, I wouldn't hold the bag in the pic! It's likely the snappers will get you holding some of your stock anyway.
    Choc Mollie is lovely but it is a wintry looking bag. How about something springy???
  6. Ooooo,could'nt pass a title like that up!!!! OOOOOO!!! whadda ya want???? Say the word and I'll be right there!!!!! Something pink for definate!!! Pink East West Bayswater,sooooooooooooo pretty,summery,good with suits for work,tdf with jeans,and as a bit of a twist with a white vest,white trainers,huge sunnies and combats!!! Just gorgeous with lil summer dresses,weddings oooo the list is endless!!!!

  7. There you go Evie - How on earth could you refuse, you know you would ultra chic and stylish.

    Looks like Chaz has found her Mulberry thread calling - Official stylist to people like me who can't put owt together.
  8. ^^^ hahahaa!! I dish out all this advice and slob around in pjs all day!!! But not for long!!! Summers coming,have new bags,loads of clothes I have'nt worn for ages,living in a much more trendy and cosmopolitan place,can't wait to get started!!! AND the weather here was fab today,just had a big floppy black jumper on,dark combats,oak Timberlands and good old oak Elgin,felt fab!! Amazing how a touch of sun lifts your mood and puts a spring in you step!!!
  9. Wine and air conditioning put a spring into my step!:p:p
  10. husband just said he is having a new coat which gives me the go ahead for the bag. might wait til the may meet.

  11. Ooooo you are naughty - I thought you were a baptist :nuts: and a good girl
  12. ^^^LOL, yeh and I`m a catholic !!!

    Evie I would get a pink east west, thats what I want anyhow, and if you ever want to sell your elgin I have a friend who so want`s one-she has just been ripped off on eBay it was fake!!!
  13. :busted
    Hmmmm, I need to be careful as you were paying attention!!!:nuts: I could say that you just aren't supposed to do bad things on Sunday!! But then I would be lying......

    Good one Riff, now I will have guilt feelings for the rest of the day!! Did I say wine? I meant grape juice and cider put a spring into my step.:angel::angel: