Lets drool

  1. here she is
    OH MY GOD.jpg
  2. yet another
    koala ver.jpg
  3. Ooops it was framboise.. Sorry
  4. Is that SERIOUSLY the price for the Porte Monnaie NM!?!?!?!?! :wtf:

    That's dirt cheap!
  5. ^^ dont know but if so you better order 15 and make some money off them .. :smile:
  6. Oh MY GOSH!!!!!!!!! I have to HAVE IT! I love that darn color! Oh, I am going to start begging my mom!
  7. I know! $275? That can't be right! The ludlow is more than that! I can't find the Porte Monnaie NM on elux though...

    I currently have the ludlow + cles in my cart...what to do? :s:sweatdrop: My New Year's resolution was to stop buying accessories :roflmfao:
  8. Hmm...the price for the pochette wallet isn't right....
  9. its on elux right now
  10. I don't see it either for $275...once I saw that went right to elux myself.
  11. Yeah I searched high and low and can't find it!!! :search:

    Hmm... I say get them both!!! :devil:

    Bag Fetish: What did you search under?
  12. if you go to each vernis you will see the new color there ( in the drop down) but not all have the color pic to go with just yet.
  13. Agreed!!! Get Both!!!! :nuts:

  14. DO IT LULU!