Let's Drool~05 LV Runway Exotic Clutch, what a Gem!

  1. I would've never know this gem until now 05 Runway Clutch anyone own/seen this IRL? :drool: the close up of the stones and hot stamp just killed me :love:
  2. oh that pretty blue interior......it's Devine!
  3. That is one HOT bag~!!
  4. ^Isn't it? the more I look the more details I find :heart: it's really great pix, especially the close up ones...
  5. i got to hold one of these at the waikiki LV when it came out. i almost didn't want to touch it since it is worth a lot of $$$. i just love the intricate details on it.
  6. ! wow...
  7. Damn that is STUNNING!!!!
  8. :drool:
  9. I remember seeing this and also the pink one in one store (BH I think?). They're pretty but I'd have nowhere to use it lol.
  10. no kidding! This will serve exclusively as eye candy for me :lol:
  11. It's pretty but I still think it would've looked better if the base was blue leather or suede instead of mono.
  12. ^ ohh nice! That would be so hot!
  13. Subtle
  14. This is my dream bag I absolutely adore it
  15. it's TDF!