Let's do countdown to fall colors.....

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  1. So I am obssessed with the new color sand styles I love patent and can't wait to have one in my hands! Share what you are lusting after and what you want to get in the new fall colors!

    I also can't seem to find anyone who can tell me these colors or what bags they will become....so my guess is back to front:
    sea green
    sunflower (I made this up of course) and
    Now if that is sea green can you imagine it with silver hardware?{{sigh}}

    My signature says it all and i edit it everyday I can't get these bags out of my mind... I am obssessed thank you very much!!
  2. Ahhhhhh SEA GREEN!!!!!!!! The only thing I'm SERIOUSLY lusting after is either a Nikki or a MAB in Sea Green. Sea Greeeeeeeeeeeeeen I can't get it out of my head either.
  3. do you think it looks like sea green or is it too turquoisie:confused1:?????
  4. Looks turquoise to me!
  5. Either way, I LOOOOVE LOVE LOOOOVE turquoise! One of my fave colors!
  6. I'm with you LOL
  7. I was a bit disappointed if that is really the sea green. I was hoping more green and less blue. I agree it looks turquoise.
  8. I am waiting on a Balenciaga Giant Silver Hardware bag and I am still planning on buying every gorgeous color featured in that little sack:yahoo:!! Oh the pink, blue and yellow! Have you seen such beautiful shades or buttery leather:wlae:?? And they are all US made. Put my order in now and I am passing the cocktails along to the next RM lady in line.:drinkup:
  9. It does look turquie but photo flash can do funny things. Either way it will be Gorge and I can't wait to get my hands on one.
  10. I saw you has A turquie balenciaga on it's way too you yummy!! I want allt he colors in the box at Rebecca minkoff's manufacturing plant....{{double sigh}}
  11. I'm waiting for the cloud gray. It better have silver hardware. I can't see how it wouldn't since dark grey had it. Now I just have to wait until July-August.
  12. does anyone know when these bags will be available? is it really not until june?
  13. What color is the Iris that everyone has been talking about?
  14. We haven't seen the color yet, but are assuming by the name that it's a shade of purple. I'm guessing it will be a medium purple.
  15. I think in one of the pics Vlad too there is a purple looking Nikki behind the purple patent market tote......I think that is Iris.