Let's Do An Experiment on Ebay Counterfeit Balenciaga Listings

  1. I would like to do an experiment/study. I hope you girls/guys will help me! Please, mods, read further before moving the thread to the "A Place For the Fakes" thread. :yes: Lately, each day on eBay there have been about 180 to 190 Balenciaga handbag listings. As we know, many of those are counterfeit handbags. As a public service to others and our Purse Forum community, I would propose that we take a couple of minutes everyday to report the counterfeit handbags. I am committed to providing a list in the "A Place For the Fakes." All you will have to do is cut and paste. Create a shortcut on your desktop for the eBay url for reporting counterfeits. I will only provide the list on items that I know are 100% counterfeit. I will provide at least one list a day (unless I am traveling). One week from now, let's see how many Balenciaga handbags are listed! Hopefully, the number will be down, and we will be seeing a greater percentage of authentic handbags. :yes:
  2. Great idee,
    To clean up e-bay.
    There are to many fakes.
    What a great collections of bags do U have.
    I am drooling allover my laptop and what a great closset.
    It almost looks like a shop.

    Hugs FX:heart:
  3. Thanks FX! You are a sweetie - Now don't forget to go to "A Place for the Fakes" and cut and paste. I have posted today's list there! :tup:
  4. Repported Thank U.
  5. I have been doing this on a daily basis so count me in as well.

    Balenciaga needs to sign up and use VERO on eBay to get these listings off quickly.

    Also, sometimes I send a message to the seller w/ the following:

    "Reminder: It is ILLEGAL to sell fake bags. You are reported."

    Some sellers (very few of course), will take down the listing.
  6. What an amazing idea!
    Thank you, lovelygarments! :dothewave:
  7. Hey Gina,

    I watch your postings, Gina, and you do a great job of pointing out these fakes. :tup: It would be great if we could get all of our Bbag girls and boys to make this a daily habit! Less clutter to look through on Ebay - always a good thing! :yahoo:
  8. Thanks Danae!
  9. LovelyGarments-it would be great if you could also always provide the link for reporting fakes each time you do your posting listing all the fakes. That link is really irritatingly hard to get to unless you bookmark it (and I'm not always at the same computer when I read tPF). Oh, and if you want to make it mind-numbingly easy for us, you could list all the item numbers formatted (with commas in-betweeen ... e.g.: 11111111111, 22222222222, 33333333333)ready to copy/paste into the textbox on the reporting page. ;)

    Thank you!!!
  10. Fiatflux, I'll be glad to do that - I'll provide the Ebay link, and I'll post the numbers with the commas in between. :yes:
  11. Thanks lovelygarments - I know we can make a difference and I really appreciate your willingness to spearhead this effort!!!
  12. I have bookmarked the reporting link and I will check back everyday to see what needs to be reported~!!

    What a great idea!
  13. Great idea. Thank you for all your effort!
    Count me in!
  14. What a great idea! Count me in as well :yes:
  15. brtracy, guccisima, and Sweetcakes18, tThank you so much!!! One week from now we'll see how many Balenciaga listing there are! Hopefully, we'll have most of the counterfeiters discouraged from relisting and relisting!