Let's do a "wild *REVEAL*" !!

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  1. It's going to be wild... :heart:
    I've wanted this so much but couldn't find it anywhere! :crybaby:
    A few days ago they had 2 at the boutique left. I bought one for myself and one as a present for a friend. After my mom saw it she wants one now, too. And luckily I could find a 3rd one. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    So let's start with the box!

    Any guesses?

  2. that looks like my pochette box?
  3. Not a pochette... something completely different!
  4. Leopard stole??
  5. Could it be something from Louis Vuitton? :nuts:
  6. LOL, indeed it is from Louis Vuitton... :tup:

  7. Tadaaaa! :yahoo:

  8. Ooh, this will be interesting!!:tup:
  9. TAKE IT ALL OFF! :graucho:
  10. Okay, since there was a right guess:

    Here it is:

  11. ^I love it.. congrats! take some modeling pics
  12. Congrats!! It's so cute!
  13. Yes! Here it comes:
  14. Wow! It looks sooo good on you!
  15. wow stunning, you like a model, you wear it well alfie x