Let's do a Cambon Check!

  1. I know Cambons were first released in 2005, and I'm just wondering who still owns cambons and uses it everyday?
  2. ohh did you get your cambon this weekend Rica!? :tup:

    i got a white on black bowler last year and i still have it. i dont use it much (actually come to think of it, i think it's only been used twice :push:smile: but I dont think I'll ever let it go!
  3. ^no jen, It's still not with me.. I still need to pay the other half (2 payments LOL!) before I can get it.. The next payment will be on the end of July. :biggrin: I'm excited though!
  4. which cambon did u get Rica? :tender: I currently have the black/patent CC mini reporter, black/white CC large tote, wallet and some small case AND i absolutely love them.. :love: though i have sold off a brown bowler, a white/python CC large tote, a small french wallet.. figured i should sell off some cambon to make way for others lol ;)
  5. I have the black on black bowler. I love it but don't use it that much. I always put bags over my shoulder and it tends to lose it's shape when I do that.
  6. I love my cambon still
  7. I love the cambon flap and did get the chance to get a brand new one on eBay... So I grabbed for it.. :biggrin: Brand new is soo hard to get nowadays.. Especially with the Cambon Flap.. I tried the other ones like the tote or the bowler.. Didn't fit me.. Hopefully, the flap will fit me. LOL.. i never tried nor seen one in real life before though..
  8. Still love my cambon..
  9. I have a pink bowler & I have never use it. I rarely dress up & the pink color is a bit harder to match things with. I just want it to sit in my closet as it's so pretty to look at though.
  10. I have the large tote (sold it, bought it again, sold it, bought it again! LOL) and the large reporter. I don't wear any of my bags everday because I like to switch off but I have to say that the large tote is one of the most comfortable and practical bags I've ever owned. I have bought and sold because the only thing that bothers me is that they are so common and copied... but everytime I sell it for that reason, I end up buying it again!
  11. I still have my tan w/black CC's cambon flap tote. I still love it, and won't part with it.
  12. ^Michele, do you still have your cambon flap? can you do a modelling for me ? :biggrin:
  13. I have a beige/beige cambon bowler. Have not used it as much as the others but like to when I want something relatively understated. Will definitely keep it.....
  14. Yes, I still have my medium black w/black patent CC's tote. I can't part with it because it was my 1st Chanel. I don't use it as much but it is a practical, easy to use tote.
  15. Wow, you have a beige/beige cambon bowler??!?! :wtf: That bag is so rare though. I have only seen the beige/beige large tote on eBay once. It's beautiful!!