Let's Discuss the BOTKIER Sasha Duffle!!

  1. I have been luvin this bag since I first saw it online months ago. While browsing through the weekly mags, I saw a pic of Angelina Jolie carrying a black bag that I just loved - when I learned that it was none other than the Botkier Sasha Duffle, I just knew that this was a bag I had to have! Then I saw it in person & decided it would be the next bag I bought. Well, I finally got lucky & found a gently used black one & have purchased it. It is scheduled to arrive Tue or Wed. I cannot wait!!!

    I'd love to get some thoughts about this bag. How it carries, whether or not it's heavy or light. Does it convert easy from a duffle to a hobo? How's the leather hold up?

    I really love the leather on the Bianca bags, and thought the Sasha was the same and was a little surprised when I saw the bag IRL that the leather was different. Aren't they both made out of lambskin? I was also a little disappointed that this bag isn't lined with suede (I thought Botkier bags were all suede lined nowadays), but that's not a big deal since I still love the look.

    I did a search (on TPF) and found several posts about the Sasha Duffle, but no real discussions about it (like there are about other bags, i.e., HH bags, Gustto's Baca, etc). I'd love to hear other's thoughts and opinions of this bag, especially from owners of it. So let's get going - - Let's discuss one of the hottest bags this season, the BOTKIER SASHA DUFFLE!!
  2. Any insight would be helpful too!
    I am looking to get one in the newer fall colours - namely the bordeaux...

    I am also concerned about the leather - I have looked at it in real life and it seems light for a bag this size - any experienced users can give us a heads up on how it wears down the road would be great!
  3. I recently got this bag in the lighter pudding brown (caramel-color) and I love it. It holds a lot when full but also "smooshes" down nicely when it's not so full. But, to tenmosquito's point, I wouldn't put anything super heavy in it because the leather is not as thick/strudy as the Bianca. I know some people here carry their laptops in it - the bag would certainly fit it, and then some - but I'd be afraid to carry it by the strap if the contents were too heavy. The shorter handles are supported by the straps underneath (as opposed to, say, being stitched on on the side) so carrying it when heavy with the short handles shouldn't be a problem. I personally like the fabric lining because it's lighter than suede (though, admittedly, less luxurious). The shoulder strap detaches easily but I tend to leave it on because I like the convenience of having both kinds (strap and handles), depending on what else I have in my hands. This kind of leather "has character" ie suble differences in texture and color (at least in the shade that I got), which I like because it probably won't show stains/wear as much. The one itty-bitty annoying thing (which most people probably wouldn't even notice, let alone be annoyed by) is that the leather on the ends of the decorative straps on the sides is curling up, if that makes sense (imagine the end of a belt curling around the buckle). But overall I love the look of this bag, it's so much better in person than in plain pics of the bag, and I really love the functionality of it too.
  4. I'd love to see any IRL pics of this bag. I was thinking about this one in Pudding for months before finally purchasing the HH Gaza hobo (cheaper, with similar-looking distressed leather). I still think about it from time to time...
  5. that's the color I originally wanted, but could never find it on sale and/or with a big enough discount. I ended up getting a black one, which I'm sure I'll be happy with - besides going w/everything, it won't show wear and/or get dirty as quickly as a lighter color. The only thing about the black is that I find it's shape and the way it carries very similar to a Balenciaga City Bag and I already have that one in black, so I hope they don't look too similar so that it looks like I have two of the same bag.

    BTW, do you find yourself being extra careful w/this bag? Is the leather very delicate (i.e., more susceptible to scratches & scuffs)?
  6. I can see why you'd find the Sasha and the City similar, but I don't think they'll be mistaken for one another (at least not by experts like us, hehe). I've never seen the black in person but if those pics of Angelina with the bag are any indication, you can't go wrong! I hadn't had my eye on this bag (like I normally do before buying) but came across it in a little boutique for 20% off so I jumped on it, and I'm so glad I did! I wouldn't say that I'm more careful with this bag than with any others, the upside of this leather is that I'm not as worried about scratches (because of its texture - it's kinda bumpy and wrinkly, not flat/smooth) but the the downside is that you probably couldn't wipe stains right off of it like you could patent leather or some other kind of stiffer, treated leather.

    I think you're going to love this bag, can't wait to hear what you thinkw hen you get it!! :yes:

    Btw, the little outside pocket, which is the perfect size for cell phone or keys, does not have any type of closure (eg, magnet) - just the flap covering it. But, the pocket is relatively deep so I don't think there's that much of a risk of something falling out, but just thought I'd point it out.
  7. I'm really interested in this thread, and I appreciate all the comments. I also love how it seems large enough to hold a lot but smooshy enough to not seem ginormous when not packed fully.

    Iluvmybags, did you snag that black one from eBay from a fellow TPF'r? I would also love to see more modelling pics IRL. Here's one from TPF'r Cyclagrl from another thread:

  8. That's me. I love this bag and still use it almost every day. It still looks beautiful after months of use--and I don't baby my bags. Also, I travel a lot for work and this bag is the one I use for my carry-on, including my laptop. That said, I remove the laptop as soon as I get to my destination since I don't want to push my luck. My gfriend has one too which she uses as her main bag/diaper bag. Overall, I love the leather and the utility (I bought it for business but chose it over the Balenciaga because I can carry it on the shoulder).

    That all said, here are the negatives:

    I once spilled some juice on it and wiped it off with a wet napkin later. The bag turned my cloth napkin black. To be fair, I've never had the color come off on my clothes and I've worn it with white shirts.

    Like balihai88 mentioned, the curling on the end of the straps is annoying. Also, I've had one stitch on the end of a pocket come loose (this happened to my gfriend as well), but thankfully I didn't have to send it back to Botkier (Neimans took care of it).

    Finally, you sometimes have to dig around the bag for items since it is quite roomy. The 4 pockets on the bag are well designed and placed, however.

    After reading another thread, I'm curious as to whether they've changed the leather for the new season. I would hope not because it is really soft yet durable.

  9. Yes - that's the one (who better to trust on eBay!).

    Curiously, there was a Pudding colored Sasha Duffle listed yesterday (Sat), and I noticed today that the auction was pulled by ebay. There didn't seem to be anything unusual about the listing - are there fake Botkier Sasha's out there?
  10. that won't bother me. I usually put my cell phone in the the front pocket of whatever bag I'm using (I almost never use the cell phone pockets inside - it's much easier to reach for my phone on the outside, then the inside of a bag), and almost never fasten it (ie., when it's my B-bag, I leave the pocket unzipped, when it's one of my MJ's I usually leave the padlock undone). I wonder if that's the why there's no fastener on that pocket - to make your cell phone more accessible.
  11. Listings can be pulled for any number of reasons, esp in the first 24 hours (e.g. listing it "like new" or saying that you don't accept CC payments via Paypal). Let's just say that I've learned that lesson the hard way. Besides, haven't we all figured out by now that eBay is more likely to pull auctions for violations like these than for fakes?
  12. I bought this bag from a boutique next door to a restaurant where I was having dinner. I saw it while we were waiting to get inside the restaurant, but dinner took too long and the store closed before I could go back to get it. That night when I came home I searched online to see if I could find this bag for any cheaper, unfortunately the color I wanted seemed to be sold out, so I went back the next morning to buy it. Just the other day I saw it on activeendeavors.com, but I can swear that when I searched for it that night I first saw it, activeendeavors didn't have it. If the site still has it, you can usually find a discount/promo code.
  13. Hi everyone!

    I just preordered the botkier sasha duffle from www.miostile.com it was $556 with free shipping and 20% off code was Toutie. It was the best price I found on the net. Hope this helps anyone who is interested. They said it ships this month. Im planning to use it as a diaper bag-looks like it would work as one without looking like one.
  14. Buona sera from sunny Italy !
    Anyone desperate for a black Botkier Sasha Duffle can try mywardrobe.com.Needless to say price includes taxes,therefore higher :crybaby:but if you have someone coming from Europe to US to visit you,they hand it in 2 days only.For extra dollars,they even ship to the US. That pudding colour on ebay was pulled out twice already,after the first one it was back but now totally vanished:wtf:.. footcandyshoes.com had the same colour for usd.347 only !! just 3 days ago but I wasnt fast enough..Now only ssence.com and activeendevours.com have it. My question would be: does it mean they will discontinue summer colours when we dont see pudding colour in 2007 a/w season ?? Already owning a black one and a cream on the way,I will continue reporting from district Europe;) Ciao!
  15. I have the caramel color. I've been carrying it for months and it still looks brand new inside and out. And I don't baby mine either. I really love it and its one of my favorite bags I've ever carried. It seems to have been out of stock most places I've checked, but the new colors sound interesting. Do you think the black bag will still be popular since it was seen on Angelina?