Let's discuss Michael Kors Weekender bag

  1. Well, while I was at the Michael Kors outlet today, the sales lady told me that they are getting in the MK overnighter/weekender bag in the luggage color. Now, I haven't seen this bag in person, but it sure does look cute by the picture.

    She was telling me that her distict manager has one and it's absolutely gorgeous and fits all her files/paperwork very easily.

    I was just wondering how you liked the bag for anyone that owns one? Is it too big for everyday or pretty enough? Or would you use it more for travel/work?

    I love bags that get that slouchy look to them while they are sitting and just look cute when you put them down also, comfort is really important to me too. So, let me know what you think......

    I really need to stay away from handbag shopping till the spring! LOL This forum makes it hard.
  2. if you can get a good price on it.. i'd totally recommend it to you. especially in the luggage!
  3. I have been looking for the mk weekender, found it on the website but it says they dont sell it anymore. does any one know where i can buy it? I have the smaller version of it but I REALLY want the weekender bag.[​IMG]
  4. anyone with a modelin pic of the weekender, I am also interset in this bag.
  5. Nice bag.
  6. Ummm.. no modelling pic at this second... I do have a few pics of mine though next to other bags so you can compare
    collection2.jpg mjmkcomparison.jpg collection1.jpg
  7. thank you so much for posting pic.
  8. Luna, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that green one you have! Mmmmm!
  9. Thanks Irish :smile:
  10. I saw a Weekender at the MK Outlet store near me a few months ago. It is a really nice bag, but I just wish that he would make the straps on his bags a little longer.

    I have loved alot of his bags but cannot deal with the short straps. I think that if he lengthened the straps then he would broaden his customer base. Not everyone wants to carry a bag in their hand or have a shoulder bag in which the bag is in your armpit!
  11. I have the weekender in luggage and really like it. It is very big and I love big bags. The straps are great and fit easily over the shoulder. I am thinking about using it as a diaper bag. It would be great for work!
  12. I know this is an old thread...but does anyone know where I can find one of these?
  13. call the michael kors outlet in Aurora, Illinois...they will ship the bag for $15 to you...good luck,,
  14. ^Awesome...Thanks so much!