Let's Discuss *HH* Cuffs {HH only}

  1. I hate to admit that I'm an HH cuff virgin, but am considering using my $50 off to break the seal and get one.

    I'd be interested to see pics and hear what your faves are or have been from past seasons.
  2. It took me forever to come on board with the cuffs too, but I finally took the plunge and I have a couple of Celinas, one Joey and a ton of Ramones! I adore the Ramones - especially the Plat Lizard and Bronze Anaconda -- the VCP rocks too - I love the darker pyramid studs on that one! They actually can look rocker chic and also quite sophisticated too!

    Be sure and use the KAPOW code for free shipping - I just did and it totally works!
  3. I'm still a relative cuff newbie and I LOVE them. I have two Celinas and 1 Ramone and have another on b/o. I'm eyeing the Pleasure slim in grape & gunmetal.

    Suzzeee - your VCP w/ dark pyramid studs sounds awesome!
  4. Two questions - did any of the old ones have silver hardware?

    are the new cuffs adjustable?
  5. My favorites, in order
    1. Mercer cuff
    2. Ramone cuff
    3. Joey cuff
    4. Celina cuff
    5. PM Cuffs
    6. Others... Athena, etc

    If you're only going to try one to start I'd suggest a ramone or celina, they're great for everyday wear.
  6. I have three Celinas and love them all, well, all three of them. A black on is on back order. I'd like a Paule Marrot kitten cuff even if it's not very exciting just cause I like the wrap style. So far I haven't gotten interested in the Ramones although they definitely have a huge fan club.

    The metal on the Celinas is sort of gold and sort of silver, you could wear them with either color of metal. I think you'd be happy with any of the cuffs!
  7. I currently have 2 Celinas, a black and a platinum snake. I wear them ALL the time, they go with everything, and I want more!

    I got the PM Kitten bracelet but sent it back, as the wraparound just didn't seem to fit my wrist right. I also just sent back a ruby Ramone. I like the Ramone a lot, but ruby color was too much for me. I want one in a neutral, for sure. Taupe, Cognac, Yam, whatever.
  8. I love the Mercer but I'm not sure I want more cuffs that snap. It has come halfway undone on numerous occasions. I worry about it falling off and my not noticing. That actually happened to me the other day; I put some stuff into the back of my car and then took off. Didn't notice that my wrist was nekkid until a short time later. Luckily, when I arrived at my destination, I was able to find it with my stuff.

    [R.I.P. George Carlin]

  9. Suzzee: I saw a VCP Ramone on Bonanzle recently and told myself I'd sleep on it and of course, woke up the next morning and it was gone.
  10. Ya'll, thanks for all the cuff feedback and advice!!

    I bought some Intuition for Target cheapie cuff/bracelets and loved them and thought they'd be my test run. I do need them to be secure though as I've lost (or at least misplaced) two of the four that came in the set. Honestly, I've stayed away until now because of the price...but damn, they look so good I can't hold out anymore.
  11. I like the Linea Pelle cuffs but the HH are more nicely finished on the inside. I have the Lagoon one, I didn't like it when it first arrived but it's grown on me since I have a shirt in the exact same color; the pastels fit right in here in Florida.
  12. That is one of the great things about the Ramones and Celinas - they buckle so no worries about coming off! I've had other brands that snap come undone too. I did order the Pleasure Cuff today and it snaps but I'm hoping that it's a really good snap that doesn't do that -- HH's quality on their cuffs has been super good and for $118 I'm thinking that they probably put a high quality snap on it.

    For those of you who like wrap styles, LP has really nice ones with studs and they are really inexpensive when you get them on sale - I got an Olive one for less than $30 last year and I think they're on sale right now.
  13. I have to say I've never had an issue with HH quality, whether it's cuffs, bags, or clothing.
  14. I've posted these before, but here's my cuff collection. I like the celinas the best.

  15. It was only over this past summer that lost my cuff virginity.. it felt soooo good! :lol:

    Anyhow, I love the Ramones the best, the Celine that I chose didn't have enough oomph for me..Here's the Brandy Ramone the day I received it..