Let's Discuss - Bleecker Large Leather Flap

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  1. I'm a tiny bit concerned that I won't love the slim Carly in blue that I ordered on Friday. :sad: I already have a Carly, so I'm preparing myself for when I pick it up on Wednesday. I know, I'm so indecisive...

    I am looking into a possible replacement - the Bleecker Large Leather Flap in Ink. I really want a blue bag so it pretty much has to be this one (I already have a duffle so I don't want another).

    Couple questions:

    Any real life pics of this one?

    Can you wear the large flap cross-body? I'm 5'4" and petite, I can wear my large duffle cross-body (for reference).

    Is the flap hard to get in and out of? I'm usually digging around in my bag for something.

    Also, any modeling pics of the large flap would be helpful. Thanks everyone!
    bleecker flap.JPG
  2. Well, I bought the large bleeker flap in coal & I must say it fits so PERFECTLY on my shoulder. I'm a larger sized gal (14-16), though I'm short (only 5'). The med. size carly was a good size for me, but I hate those little shoulder straps--they don't fit me! The lg carly fit my shoulder perfectly, but was too large size-wise for my frame. I guess the only downside I have right now is this bag is VERY casual--daytime only for sure. I also don't have the laced one. Oh, and you won't be able to wear this crossbody--straps aren't that long. I would def. recommend trying it on if you can--good luck!

  3. Gosh, I don't know how many times I have raved about this bag. It's the best!!! This is my all time favorite out of all my coach bags. I'm 5 ft. and it's just the perfect size for me. You can't really wear it across the body since I think the straps are too short for that. It's also very roomy but not too roomy....you can't put your whole kitchen sink in it! It's easy to get in and out because the magnetic closures kind of closes itself. OMG, what else? It's just plain beautiful. Sigh..... :girlsigh: