Let's Discuss BE Mini Love Me....

  1. Hi ladies, I thought this would be a fun thread to start today. Let's devote this thread just to the mini, shall we? I posted on the BE Lounge, but figured the mini "deserved" it's own thread too.

    I spoke to Jackie today, and she reports that the mini will probably be available in wine and chocolate by April. Those were two of my colors that I was considering for the mini and possibly the petrol.

    As of now, It looks like I"m going to try the light grey with sheen. I think if the sheen is done just right and very subtle, this could look very pretty. But, then again, I'm thinking the other colors might look beautiful in this style too. Comments, anyone?

    Does anyone have a handbag with similiar dimensions as the mini (12 wide by 8 tall)? If so, can you post, how it looks on?

    I"ve been going around with my ruler measuring all my handbags, but, since, I normally wear medium to larger sized bags, I'm having a hard time finding one with these same dimensions. I hope the "mini" isn't too mini.
  2. I think the mini LM will be a nice alternative for those who like the look of it but not the weight of a larger, more heavy bag. I'll be able to determine this more tomorrow once my LM in dark grey arrives.

    Hmmmmm.....12 x 8 is a good size....you could fit wallet, keys, some make-up...but not overload it. Sounds good for day, but not as suitable for travel, loading it with work stuff etc....

    And I think if I were going to get a mini (verdict's still out on that one...I like big bags), I think I'd get it in WINE!!! or Pewter.
  3. Thanks Contessa!!!! Wine, yes, I love it. I think I might try the light grey now because Jackie mentioned there is such a short supply on this color and if I don't absolutely love it, wine it is.

    I just found a thread on our PF under Rebecca Minkoff where they posted modeling pics. I think she has a mini of one of her handbags with very similiar dimensions as the mini LM. The modeling pics looked absolutely great. Your right Contessa, I think it just might be larger then I think. I hope so anyway!

    I still adore my regular LM, but, it's too heavy like TropicalGal said, for everyday. I am using it now mainly for weekends and/or travel. We take a lot of daytrips and it's the perfect handbag for that especially with those three compartments. Love how nicely it keeps me organized.

    But, as for just running around town my LM is too heavy (for me). I definetely don't regret buying it because it has it's place. But, I"m looking forward to seeing the mini!
  4. Is there a link for this bag? it sounds really cute.
  5. I'm definitely interested in the mini, and I think i'll try the light grey first. I love the idea of the wine, though, but I need a bag that's pretty neutral. I just fell in love with the dark grey so I'm curious to see how different the two are.

    I'm really interested in seeing this smaller size because I'd love to carry this style every day but some days it's just too heavy and large. It's not a complaint--I love large bags--but I'd love to have a mini version to switch off to at times!
  6. There was another thread dedicated to the mini LM, too, with some interesting facts. I think a lot of us are anxiously awaiting it's arrival! Here is the photo that was posted of the mini LM...
  7. TeJasMama, yes, I agree with you, I love the concept of the wine but I want a more neutral color, so I"m going with the light grey in mini to start. If I don't like that color, then I think my second choice is chocolate and then wine.

    I loved the color of the picture you posted in the other thread re pewter. I definetely think you should forward that picture to Jackie. At least, she will get an idea that there are some of us who love the metallic concept IF it's very muted. Maybe a half metallic and half grey like you mentioned. I think that would target a large group of us that are a bit intimidated by metallics yet want something that livens up our wardrobe (like metallics do).
  8. lovebags2 if you don't mind me saying.....light grey will limit you. The wine however will be sexy and very hot and will give you way more wear...at least in my opinion.

    I'd personally get the LM mini in wine.....chocolate would be nice too, but wine will end up being a jewel.....just wait and watch!
  9. Contessa, No, I don't mind at all, that's what this forum is all about, sharing our opinions. And when I post, that's want I'm looking for normally.

    Wine, yes, I agree that would make a gorgeous handbag. Well, here's my rationale. I already have the wine SM on it's way in a couple weeks and I have a chocolate take me away. Also, I have a BE petrol. That's why I was going to "try" the light grey with sheen. I think the sheen part is what was intriguing me since Jackie was telling me at the moment, that is her absolute favorite leather. She mentioned that since everyone saw this type of new leather, she's very stressed because everyone want's it due to how gorgeous it is.

    I only have two choices now in the sheen, cream or light grey. And since I already have the BE wine handbag, I figured why not give it a try with a return policy. (Or sell)

    But, I have a feeling if and this is a huge IF, I absolutely adore this mini, I would entertain the idea of another color, either the wine or chocolate.

    I know, the light grey is going to definetely more limiting and I was already thinking it would probably be more of a spring/summer look. I think it would look great against colors like the purples, pinks, creams etc.... But, I don't think it would look that good with browns, I don't know maybe it would?

    I'd love to hear more thoughts from everyone on this.....

    What's everyone's top choice color for the LM mini?
  10. I'm thinking the light grey might look pretty with black in winter....Still, don't know about browns though...

    I guess, I'll just have to wait until it arrives and be patient!
  11. Actually lovebags2, when you put it that way, I think the mini in light grey with a "sheen" will be absolutely beautiful.

    Truth be known, I'm not a "light colored" bag kind of person....the only light bag I own is an LV "Spring Street" and guess what????? It's a light grey/silver patent!!!!!! It obviously goes very well with black , navy, brown, plum, anything really!!!
  12. Thanks Contessa, we'll see. I'm either going to love it or not. This would be my first "grey" bag and like you, I"m used to darker colors. Hmmm, I'm confused. I might very well end up with the wine, chocolate, petrol or darky grey. I'm excited for you, aren't you expected to receive your LM tomorrow?:smile:

    I have some news that I can't believe I forgot to mention to everyone yesterday.

    When I ordered the light grey in the mini, Jackie told me that if I was able to put together four orders of the mini in a particular color, she would be happy to order it for us now. We could literally pick our own color.

    I thought, I'd try the light grey and if I love the style, then, I'd either return the light grey and wait for another color (if the grey is too light) or if I love the grey, keep it and then order a second color anyway, IF IF I adore the style of the mini. Make sense?

    I didn't want to order a bespoke order (custom) with anyone until I first see the style in person, since any custom order with Jackie is absolutely not returnable. Whereas, if I don't favor the light grey, she'll return it, no questions asked.

    If anyone is interested in a color though for the mini here, let's start discussing our preference. It can't hurt to just chat about the color:smile:, right?
  13. lovebags2, I have been admiring the BE LM style for some time now, but being only 5'1'', I'mm afraid it would be huge on my frame. I'm thrilled Jackie is making a mini LM, and have been thinking about the shimmer cream color so that it would go with both brown, grey & black shades. Plus you can wear it both spring/summer & winter (would liven up dark clothes!)

    Two concerns about the cream color, though: (1) High maintenance, easily smudged? (2) Would the cream look "off" when worn with summer whites?

    What do you think, ladies? Which one --shimmer grey or shimmer cream -- is a better year-round color choice? I wear a lot of browns & blacks (not together in same outfit!), and brown shades don't look good with a black bag and vice-versa. I hate having to switch bags from day to day, so it'd be nice to find a bag that goes well with both colors.
  14. Hi, I'm so happy to hear that your thinking of trying a BE handbag. I just have to warn you, they are so addicting. Once you purchase one, you'll definetely want another.

    I considered the cream too, but decided against because of your exact two concerns. I think the light grey will look nice with several colors I wear year round including black. Brown is the only color that I worry about.

    So, my vote is the light grey. But, I also wear a lot of brighter colors even in the winter, so the light grey I think will look pretty against. If your wearing darker colors, I see your point about the cream. Hope I'm not confusing you more.

    In the end, I think it's impossible to make a mistake with any BE handbag. They are all gorgeous. Even the colors, I tried and returned, I still thought they were stunning. (pewter and matte choc).

    Good Luck and let us know what you decide! Also, when I asked Jackie her favorite mini LM color, her reply was the light grey with sheen (out of the current available colors only). I don't know if that helps any. It did for me!
  15. I sense a full blown obsession with the Mini Love Me! Fun! I need to see how it looks on you ladies and your assessment of size. So, I will wait, and perhaps go in on a special order. I don't understand the messenger strap. It could be grrrreat! When will you be getting yours Lovebags? Will you post pix for us?