Let's count how many H bags we have.....

  1. I've enjoyed this PF so much..now I'm curious from all the posts how many H bags everyone has. Hmmm, my count is 5 + 1 for delivery within 1 week.
  2. With due respect: C'mon already...:shrugs:
    It is the quality not quantity really...Although Hermes tend to turn its addictive customers (like myself!) into racing horses :choochoo:
    Lets enjoy WHAT we all have for a moment and not HOW MANY *smiling*
    peace :heart:
  3. I'm sorry....I love them all....I'm like a child in a candy store...just seeing all the pictures throughout the PF...just made me wonder.....
  4. Oh, I definitely will not go to that territory :p.

  5. With all due respect... yes indeed:yes:. :heart:
  6. oh that's easy. lemme think. counting... still counting.... wait it's so early for math.... ok, i think i got it.... 2.
  7. Wasn't there a thread last year with a running count for Birkins and Kellys? I thought it was a rather fun idea, the numbers got quite shocking, lol.
  8. Hum- One in- one out- one in- one -out- one in- one-out- or was that one out- one-in?:confused1:
  9. Clutches only count as 1/3, right? So, 9 1/3? I don't know, fractions confuse me, lol
  10. ^ Lol
  11. 3 bolides; 1 plume; 1 plume elan;
  12. I don't see anything wrong with your starting this thread. Everyone has the option to participate or not. :flowers:

    Oh, and I have .......... one! I hope to get my 2nd in Spring 08. :yahoo:
  13. 2 bolides, 2 evelynes, 1 birkin
  14. O no I DID count them... :wtf: 20... eeks..
  15. Thankyou Kallie Girl for being so kind...