Let's Clear The Air in Here...and Put it Behind Us...

  1. Mods: If you feel this is inappropriate or gets out of control...please shut it down. I'm hoping this might help!

    To everyone else:

    I am just getting tired of things here in LV, the attitudes and sarcasm and negativity and I hope this can help clear the air.

    When I was posting regularly in the LV forum (20-30+ posts a day) I really didn't notice any negativity. This could be possibly because I was so caught up in my love affair with LV. I'm not sure (just a guess).

    I noticed every so often someone would post and say 'I've sold everything and hit Hermes/Chanel/Bbags, etc.'. I noticed threads every so often along the lines of 'Bored with my collection, what to do'.

    I always noticed the threads about poor customer service, rumors of factories in India, poor quality control, etc.

    So...when I was feeling down about my collection I posted here. Hoping my gals in LV could help me out, figure out my problem...offer a solution! Great response....lots of support. Others (Karman, for example) does the same thing and soooooo much negativity in her post. You guys are our friends (well we think of you that way) and we're asking for advice and opinions....not hurtful remarks!

    Then I made the switch over the Balenciaga, but still spend a lot of time here since I'm working on numerous reference threads/RAOK/generally be around oogling over new bags. Now I notice soooooo much negativity. Someone makes one little remark about something they don't like about LV and people are jumping all over them, engaging in personal attacks, etc.

    What is going on in here? Why all this negativity?

    This is an online forum, where we are free to express our opinions WITHOUT personally attacking someone! Attack the argument, not the person.

    But let's discuss this...what is making people so angry? Maybe we can figure it out and put it behind us! I hope we can...because I fear if things keep escalating then we'll end up with another LV time-out....which (for those of you who were here for the last one) absolutely SUCKS!

    Let's help each other out! Other forums say we are the 'catty' forum...but I never looked at it this way! But after seeing a recent thread where a non-regular was attacked...I wonder!!!!

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  2. Totally agree. If I don't agree with someone or don't particularly like a style of bag, I just don't post.
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  3. Very well said Twiggers. You took the words right out of my mouth. I have felt really sad, surprised and frustrated at some of the attacks and unkind words lately. We can only say be nice, stop being rude, innapproriate etc...so many times and eventually it would come to a time out. What is the point in having a forum for LV when its full if attacks? I think we could all just be aware of what we are saying, and pull it together again. We are here to have fun and support each other! Lets try and make the LV a warm and friendly place again.:heart:
  4. Agreed.. and of course, if anyone has a problem with that.. the mod squad is watching. :graucho:
  5. I think people get so defensive when they see posts that are negative toward LV because they want to come here to discuss similar interests, not similar dislikes. Personally, no one understands my bag obsession (especially my LV obsession) besides you guys on this forum, so it's very discouraging and disheartening when I see someone here complaining about the very thing I'm obsessed with! I think it's absolutely fine for people to say that they're over LV or even bored with it, so long as they don't start bashing it, because that isn't right for everyone else here. If you have a problem with quality or customer service, then you should definitely mention that, but maybe negative opinions are best kept to oneself because people get really offended by them. I'm nowhere near being rich, so my LV bags mean A LOT to me because I work hard for them; but the second I see someone here almost insulting LV, I get very defensive because my bags mean a lot to me. But I agree that we should try not to be negative because really, we're all here to share the love!
  6. ^^ the problem is that its not the OP's doing the bashing, its always the LV martyr's that start with the name calling and the derogatory statements

    i dont really understand why members do this. when i see these kind of threads i just feel so bad for the OP and then i feel like i have to go on the defensive for the OP because alot of them get scared and just run off. its not fair and it makes us look really bad, especially to the members who are new to this forum
  7. Like the old saying goes: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!"

    For those who are frustrated with these "rant" threads, simply just ignore them and perhaps browse on to one of the other section of tPF, such as the Gen Disc area? :idea:
  8. I noticed that some of our newest members have started the heated debates :sad:
  9. ^^ you know thats so true the members that go on the attack are usaully new members, maybe its big brother syndrome,lol. they might just want to show their love for LV so intently that they feel the need to go on the attack

  10. I agree with what you are saying Kimalee! It can be very discouraging! I, and this is just from my own experience, am often so frustrated with my own boredom of a brand sometimes. I couldn't understand why I was falling out of love...and I was really posting here to get some help/insight. And people here did help!
    So I think that sometimes maybe the OP isn't being clear enough about why they are posting. Because I agree, to post and just say 'I hate LV' ...what's the point of that.
    I can understand maybe wanting to start up an intelligent discussion about say, 'Richard Prince's contribution' or 'Ethics of factories in India/China'...or even a discussion of why they are falling out of love....because maybe the LV lovers can help them get back on the LVOE train again!

    But...to start attacking someone before finding out the purpose of their post...it's just wrong! The OP of one of the threads emailed me to say what she meant to write and it just didn't come out properly (which, c'mon...we've all had that happen on the internet before)!

    Sometimes too, especially regular posters, we often post our 'falling out of love' posts because we think of you guys as our friends and hope you can help or even understand!
  11. And this is precisely what got the LV forum shut down last time! Attacking new members, personal attacks, etc.!

    So I hope maybe we can vent some of our frustrations...or figure out what it is, here on this thread....and move on!

    Like all relationships, sometimes things just build up for awhile...and I think it's good to get things out in the open (with the mods all watching to make sure this doesn't get out of hand)....so we can move on. It's been quite a while since we were put on time-out....so maybe we're due for the blow up again IDK!
  12. yeah I agree, they either make off topic threads or go in flames over a simple opinin and there's no reason to start threads over some fake item from eBay, come on we are not in middle school anymore...

    well some of us are but I seen them behave better than the fully grown members...can't we all just get along?
  13. Well said!!
  14. I completely and totally agree Kimalee. I feel very sad when the brand I love so dearly is trashed. We don't go to other forums and trash their bags because we may not like them or whatever the reason. There is a more tactful way to go about these things and being rude and ugly does not help anyone or anything. And it certainly does not help to make this place a peaceful home away from home for most of us.
  15. I totally agree with all the above posts. The only negative thing I we should be complaining about is how darn addicting LV is and how much we love it and can't afford to own everything we love. Otherwise, I come to this place for POSITIVE surroundings. There is so much negative attitude in daily life this place is always so friendly. I have learned so much from everyone. Let's get back to what this place is all about the LOVE of purses. Everyone has different tastes so if you don't like something don't buy it. But there is no reason to trash someone. People are spending a lot of money so obviously they love it.

    Let's keep this a positive and loving place!!!!!