Let's Chat: PurseBlog Celeb Handbag Style (was Bag That Style)

  1. ^ Thanks! :smile: We are working on a new layout with a better gallery feature, so that should be coming soon!
  2. Just wanted to let you know - I had suggested the bigger pictures would be a good idea, and I am very happy that you have incorporated that!

    Thanks! :biggrin:
  3. Great site, the pictures are beautiful, and I love the alphabetic listing of Celebrities. Good job!!!!!!!!!
  4. sounds great!
  5. After you pull the photos of the different celebs
    What do you think the IT bag is for this year or season?
  6. these are images from french elle "hoe to wear your chanel' - I hope its all right post here as not sure about copyright... so elegant though hey?
    natalie_vodianova_galerie_principal.jpg paris_hilton_galerie_principal.jpg vanessa_paradis_galerie_principal.jpg
  7. its so cool, thanks
  8. Great site!! :biggrin:
  9. Love the site.
  10. awesome and fun site! thanks..
  11. Love the site! Great job!
  12. i like Alicia Silverstone,SHE IS SO BEAUYIFULL,SO ENERGY!:yahoo:
  13. awesome...
  14. It's a GREAT SITE! Love it very much. Thanks.
  15. to me its great organizer container site.
    well don:tup: