Let's chat about the eBay Deals/Finds thread

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  1. :idea: We need to keep chatter out of that thread but some of those items are just begging for a long discussion. :P Plus plenty of ooohs, aaahhhs and CONGRATS! You can ramble on all you want here. What do the ladies of MJ think about this new thread?? :tup: or :tdown:
  2. I think it is a great idea!
  3. Great idea!! This can be the official discussion thread. :tup:
  4. Super idea! Thanks Cindi!
  5. i like the idea.. :yes:
  6. Great idea! :tup:
  7. OK, it's been building up inside me all day: somebody buy that darned indigo venetia already! It's too tempting!! :drool:
  8. Awesome idea!! Which bag is up for discussion first?!
  9. Oh, another topic of discussion: MBMJ bags are often going for MORE than MJ collection bags on ebay these days! Justified or no?
  10. ITA! If it didn't have suede lining it would already be on its way to my house. :yes:

  11. The indigo Venetia is tdf!!! I would be all over it if it were in better condition...I'm sadly lacking in doctoring skills so I like my bags to be perfect - or close to! :P
  12. I know.. but some are very hard to find- like the large dr. q hillier hobo. its one of the most popular styles and it all depends on what people will pay. similar to the black mj collection stam, they will often sell for over $500-600 depending on demand
  13. hey CIndi- why don't you prefer suede? hehe i just noticed that in your signature too :P just curious ;)

    ...but back to the venetia- if it were in better condition I would be all over that.. the interior can probably be cleaned w/ suede cleaner. the exterior leather is just well worn in... :sad:
  14. Great thread Cindy :tup: you don't like the suede lining? The indigo is pretty, but think I'd prefer the one with the red stitching :smile:
  15. See, it doesn't look that bad to me. I'd prefer the condition of this one to the Indigo Stella that flew out the door the other day (and had a giant dent in the pocket). So cheap w/live.com... aargh! But I've bought 3 bags in the last 3 weeks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.