Let's Change It Up!

  1. Let's skip the Birkin/Kelly talk for a minute and chat about the Massai.

    So tell us...
    Do you like it? Dislike it?

    Have you tried it on?

    Do you own one?

    What do you feel are its good points? Bad points?

    What leathers does it come in?

    What is a gorgeous combination that you have seen?

    Anything that you want to share about the Massai?

    Any pics you have to share? (even modeling shots)

    Just stick anything and everything in here about the Massai!
  2. I have a quick reply (on my holiday). I have a black clemence massai. And it is a great grab and go bag imo. In another thread we even tried it cross body and that wonderfully worked very well, some beautiful pictures. Good points, it is a very nice shoulderbag, very casual, easy... The only bad point I can think of is that it doesn't seem to work for everyone, so you should try it on first and I'm not sure if you could dress it up (at office or a party).
  3. love it!!! own one and adore it!! i have it in black clemence which really goes with everything.

    pros: that it's so easy to wear, sling it on and go. the flat handle fits so easily and comfortably on the shoulder. it's pretty roomy. totally under the radar hermes bag- does not scream hermes in any way. love the lining. wish it was leather but the lining is super soft and cute!

    cons: the double zipper that comes together in the middle. i wish i could leave one side zipped and get my hand in and out and i can't. i also worry that i will catch something and ruin it. the other thing is it has a very slim profile and when it's stuffed full (as i am wont to do) it tends to look a little lumpy. the last thing is that i wish the second handle was longer. i love the idea of two straps but the second one is just useless to me as it is now.

    i know it comes in swift and clemence. not sure what else.

    i really love my massai. it's the perfect first H bag for me (though of course i wish it was cheaper. lol). i do sometimes think i should have gotten gold instead of black but i know this is a bag i'll have forever!
  4. i also plan on wrapping a scarf around the handle come winter to bring more color and pizazz to it.
  5. Great thread. I have never tried one on but plan to the next time I go to Hermes....probably at the Sept meet.
    I look forward to the pfer reviews!
  6. Love the look of it.

    But it doesn't work for me. It dwarfes me even in the PM size. I dislike that the leather is somewhat close to my arm pit and I dislike the double zipper. I think it would be hot to carry in the summer. The one I tried in the store actually scratched my hand trying to reach in while keeping it shouldered and after yelping from the scratch I still was very uncomfortable trying to get in and out of it. I love the way it looks on the other lovelies here though.
  7. Do you like it? Dislike it? love it.

    Have you tried it on? yes

    Do you own one? yes, orange swift

    What do you feel are its good points? Bad points?

    What leathers does it come in? swift, clemance togo and evergrain

    What is a gorgeous combination that you have seen? really all of them. I love them all in swift...I have seen rouge garance clemance and brighton blue clemance and white clemance and they were amazing!

    Anything that you want to share about the Massai? its a great bag, i love how it sits right on your side. holds alot, sturdy, chic, great

    Just stick anything and everything in here about the Massai!

    the ONLY complaint I have..is sometimes its hard to dig for something in it...but it does have a nice inside pocket that is a great size....that I put my cell and keys in for quick access.

    I love that it has double zippers.
  8. I've got one that's supposed to be here any day...am not sure that I am going to love it though...after the talk of the zipper.... I just assumed that it didn't close! Oh well, since it ISN'T final sale...no worries!
  9. My Massai is an ebene PM in clemence with brushed palladium H/W. I love it, but it is a hard bag to get in and out of while it is on your shoulder, especially if you have the short strap on.
    I fell in love with the photo of CBK with her black Massai, and had to have one. I think it is one of the most stylish and chic bags Hermes has designed. They suit the squishy leathers, best.

    It's a bag that hugs your body. I love it.
  10. ^Massai & I. For reference, I am 5'6" and in this pic I was around 59kgs (just had baby 6 months prior - give me a break, please!).
  11. GF- I am so ditto with you right now. major!
  12. Geez...now I think I need one. thanks KB!
  13. Love the look of it, but the zip issue will keep me from getting one, I found it too awkward.
  14. You NEED one GG!!!!!!

    Why don't you try them out when you go and pick up your PO today?!?!?!?!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  15. Keep the info and chat coming. This really helps to hear as much info as possible!

    BTW, you are welcome Rockerchic! LOL