Let's catch up!


Mar 20, 2006
Hi Everyone!:yahoo:

After being really active on the message boards last summer, I have been very bad about posting regularly these past few months. I have, however, been checking in a lot and continuing to appreciate all of the fabulous advice. I've also been happy to see that lots of my friends from last year seem to be here and doing well! I've missed everyone:smile:

Anyway, I just thought that there might be others out there who have not done well keeping up with all of their friends on the boards and that maybe we could have a "catching up" thread for TPFers to provide mini-updates on how they are doing. I'd love to know how everyone has been.

Meanwhile, I see loads of new faces -- so hello to all of you, I hope to get to know you soon.

Anyway, my update is not very exciting at all. I'm doing the same old stuff -- teaching as an instructor at Penn State, working on my neverending PhD dissertation (I'm desperately hoping to defend this fall semester -- I'm working on the conclusion now, and then sending the whole deal up to my advisor at Cornell.) I'm still dating men who are too much older than me! Of course, I'm still shopping waaaaaay too much! Even with limited visits to the forum, I've managed to get three LV's, a bunch of DVF wrap dresses and more sunnies than I'll ever need. It IS an addiction and we DO need help, I swear, lol. I voted for TPF in the contest for best shopping site (don't forget if you haven't registered!).

I do have one vacation planned that I'm excited about. I'm heading to Scotland and Stockholm for two weeks at the end of June. I might post a seperate thread about that. I'm accompanying the man who is "too old", lol.

Soooo, others must have more exciting news to report! Who's moved, graduated, had a baby, gotten a new job, gotten married, gotten dumped (or dumped someone), sold a house, traveled the world, started a fitness program, or even just found something new to watch on tele???? DO TELL:okay:


Oh no she di-int!!
Jun 1, 2006
Ms...so great to hear from you!! We've missed you tons, girl!

Hoo boy, a few updates here:
- same job since October. I love it. My contract ends in August so I am networking for another job as well as deciding if I want to apply for a fulltime gig at my current spot.
- I have a new nephew born in late May (3rd child for my bro and his wife). All is well!
- Still playing hockey at least a couple nights a week.
- I ended my relationship with my BF. One of the most painful things I have ever done but it was the right decision.
- I am working through a lot of the pain and have amazing support from family and GFs. And OK, too much wine with the girls last night but oh well.
- Finally doing home improvements I have put off b/c I have spent way too much $$ as a result of tPF and all the fabulous enabling here! New deck furniture, new windows and now after 5 years here I have an electrician who is redoing all the recessed lighting in my living/dining/kitchen. Finally!
- Now, the shallow stuff: I've probably acquired 5-6 bags over the last few months (Prada, LV, Coach, Fendi) and am upgrading the wardrobe and shoes for my upcoming job interviews.

Feb 20, 2006
Glad to have you back MandM. You look great in the Avatar. Not much going on with me. I just got back from an all girls trip in LA. I'm going to Cancun next week with my bf.
As for school, still working on my Master, only 3 more classes to go. whoo hooo!


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Feb 27, 2007
i don't know you but i'm here like ALL the time, so i'm sure i'll be seeing you on the boards! i don't own LV so u probably won't see me there, but kooba coach and the general forums usually see a lot of me :yes:

nice to meet you and glad you came back faithfully to TPF!

:love: this place rox sox :love:


Mar 20, 2006
Hey Pursegrrl! I love your posts, I'm glad you're still here! Hi to VuittonGirl and L_Rod, I'm psyched to see you guys again! Prada's Meadow, you've always had loads of great posts...but you'll soon have a new world's record! Nice to meet you Vicious. I only have pre-owned LV at this point, so I'm on all the boards, not just there. Passerby, I'll have to tell you about our PAWS fundraiser! I loved the cat prints that you posted recently, I want one.

Keep updates coming if you got em:smile:


Feb 17, 2006
MandM, yes, please tell us more about the PAWS fundraiser. And can you resist this?





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Feb 3, 2006
Hi, everyone!

I've been spending a lot of my free time posting on a messageboard for writers (and wannabe writers), because I am working on building a career in the literary field. I still check in tPF regularly, but I've just been lurking for the past month and-a-half until today. Welcome back to all those who are also checking in.


May 7, 2006
Welcome back girl!!!!
Good luck on the defense! I'm getting ready to defend my masters in 3 weeks (document is actually due on Friday though...and I still have the discussion section to write!)

Have a wonderful time on your trip...Stockholm is a beautiful city!!