Let's "cash" into style & show your Prada Wallet

  1. Hi All! I just commented on another thread about my Prada wallet and it got me thinking: my love of handbags changes on fuctunality, style, color and preference.

    But I realized I've remained true with my love for Prada wallets.
    Anyone else?

    I'm on my third one and she's still going very strong. She's been in my purse for over 5 years now or more. I also have a tiny wallet I use on nights out to fit in my Chanel or other small designer bags.

    I've been using Prada wallets for over a decade now. Anyone else?

    If so, let's "cash" into style and show me your wallet!
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  2. IMG_1504564611.852368.jpg

    My first Prada wallet and wallet/clutch
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  3. Oh I love the clutch and the wallet. Great loot!
  4. I took a family photo for my Bag Showcase thread. Here is my small Prada SLG collection :love::hbeat:
  5. Oh I love this too! I'm a sucker for red things.
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  6. After a long day I am putting my Prada Wallet on the chain down for the night. She served me well today.

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  7. IMG_1506957951.593061.jpg
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  8. IMG_1506958161.544964.jpg
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  9. I’m a sucker for navy!
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