Let’s bring in 2019 with those January Purchases!

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  1. I also just got the heart bag yesterday. I have been looking forever for a heart bag that is practical. I don’t find it that small. I have an iPhone X...which fits along with my Chanel card case, lotion, sanitizer, chapstick, and keys. That’s basically all I carry everyday. My sa’s iPhone 8 plus did fit without the case. It just needs to go in diagonal. I didn’t find the body strap too short and I have a pregnant belly right now. It fit perfectly! I even tried it on with my winter coat, and it still was comfortable to wear xbody. Hope this helps!!
  2. I got this recently too! Haven’t changed out of it yet. So handy for errands and short trips out.
  3. Thank you :heart:
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  4. New to me thanks to the bestie
  5. One of my fave bags that should never been retired!!
  6. Mini pochette mono IMG-20190111-WA0013~2.jpeg
  7. Yes I am worried abt those points you mentioned as well, hence have not made a trip into the boutique to see it, and rather as for opinions first. I’m concerned that the heart shape might look too young on me too, and that LV was trying to target the younger shoppers, maybe early 20’s with this one, and then in the long term the bag will be out of trend and not be in style anymore and for such an expensive bag that’s a waste right? And being such a unique design it will be hard to sell or get rid of. Over in my country the bag is $2400AUD. CRAZY HUH? For another 1-2 hundred I can get the PM, or bond st bb, it’s more expensive than the Kensington just to put it in prospective, and those are all practical bags while this one is so small. And to add to the mix, I have an iPhone plus which I’ve heard won’t fit, lol So yes, that’s all my dilemmas too. That’s for sharing your thoughts and also your pics.
  8. For sure. Hope you enjoy wearing it this weekend. You can adopt me any day too! Lol
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  9. Wow, lucky you and it’s new too! Great score.
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  10. It looks great on you, and matches beautiful with your top and jeans with a casual look. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to know so many people have purchased it and are happy. Congrats! I think you’re the 4th person on tfp. What make you buy it apart from the heart shape? Do you think the style, well heart shape can be worn years to come? Do you think it looks childish, or not age specific at all? Thanks for sharing your pic and comments, helps a lot!
  11. This is BEAUTIFUL in person! This will be a year round bag for me! :heart:
  12. My new to me unicorn purchase alma pm cruise 2016 edition metal stones ..I have been waiting so long for this bag now I found a preloved one for my 30th birthday which is on the 31st January 20190111_210743.jpg
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  13. :giggle:
  14. thanks so much...I have been wanting a heart for quite some time...saint laurent did one a little over a year ago and that one was way to small...I don't think it looks childish...but that's just my opinion...i'm sure some people would disagree...I just think it's fun and unique...I have a bunch of bags...so for me this was a fun, different purchase...I love hearts:smile: my husband even bought me a heart shaped diamond for my most recent bday....
    I think that hearts are pretty timeless...I know valentino just came out with a heart shaped bag as well...so I don't think this is more of a trendy purchase....I really love the way the lv one is quilted and made...it seems very durable...hope this helps
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  15. Congrats it looks gorgeous.

    Congrats and happy birthday.
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