Let’s bring in 2019 with those January Purchases!

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  1. I’m in with my pre-loved epi cles from may 2002! I got it for 23 usd!

    The zipper is broken, so it has to be replaced, and of course the gold has faded, but the leather is in amazing condition



  2. Here are a few photos will take mod shots at the weekend :smile:
    I was concerned about age suitability as I am in my 40's but both my daughter and CA instantly said it suited me when I tried it on and my daughter is always honest with me - sometimes to honest lol !
    Regarding whether the design will date "who knows" I am not normally a fan of trend led bags and although love limited edition pieces also love the classic designs too but just loved this bag the moment i tried it on.
    I have an older iphone which does fit in the bag so that was a plus for me :smile:
    I'm planning to use it when i don't need to take alot with me and also for evenings out etc.
    IMG_8055.JPG IMG_8054.JPG IMG_8056.JPG
  3. It’s gorgeous! I’m sure it looks amazing on you! It’s sooo cute and special. I like how it can be worn 3 ways. Looking forward to me more pics!!!
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  4. Happy birthday!!! It's so wonderful to have a mono PM, I'm a new owner myself as well. Yes, the bandeau will come in very handy, I use an Hermes twilly and love how I'm able to "customize" my handbag a little bit. :smile::smile::smile:
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  5. It's a beautiful piece. Quite classic and timeless. Enjoy! :heart::heart::heart:
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  6. Wow, great mom! Are you looking for an asian exchange student??:giggle:
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  7. On 12/31, I was offered the New Wave heart bag by my wonderful SA. She sent me a text of it with another SA modeling it. Despite it being cold and rainy, I immediately went to the store. Although, it’s multi-functional and can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder, as a wristlet, and as a belt bag, I declined this bag for three reasons: the heart shape felt very child-like, it barely fit my iPhone XS (I had to insert it at an angle), and it cost $1710. It did not fit much and a dealbreaker for me was having to strategically place my phone in it. No, thank you!! I also didn’t like how I had to hold the bag to close the zip. There were too many cons for me at that price point.

    I’m patiently waiting on more of the new stuff and my Speedy B WT I just ordered. For reference, I am 5’10”.

    84659824-B003-4178-BC01-A142FB03E729.jpeg 855E5428-B340-40EF-8D56-E37731B69569.jpeg A601BD16-5CF0-4756-920E-732F1280C1F1.jpeg BE61952D-5C9A-42EB-A00F-EF396A5053A9.jpeg
  8. :lol::lol::lol:
  9. Thank you :hbeat:
  10. Let me know what you think if you get to see it IRL :heart:
  11. I totally understand why you declined it as I am only 5'4 it worked crossbody for me and I have a iphone 6s so fits inside nicely. I personally love the bag and thats whats so wonderful about LV catering for variety of tastes and preferences :smile:
    I have a WT neverfull which i adore so looking forward to a reveal of your WT Speedy :smile:
  12. My wonderful CA’s been finding me the hard to find items lately and I feel pretty lucky. I just recently purchsed a long strap for crossbody too.
  13. You know what strap looks great on the PA is the short monogram strap from the Montaigne MM.
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  14. Galaxy Pocket Organizer and Mono Eclipse District PM

    56891082450__DDFE7A57-9DC5-46B7-BA15-C6B95D4D6E50.JPG 56891088982__CC5F1D9F-1F49-48C5-809A-9BF0D7BFCA87.JPG IMG_4258.JPG IMG_4259.JPG
  15. Beautiful - love your daughter's bag too!!!

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