Let’s bring in 2019 with those January Purchases!

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  1. It’s from men’s collection
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  2. My noir superstition bandeau arrived today the light pink will arrive tomorrow!! Will be wrapping these on my mono PM that I received yesterday for my Birthday! IMG_1122.JPG
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  3. Love that! Happy birthday!
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  4. Thank you!
  5. Thanks for the link, it was very useful. I guess I have to go in store and try it, but from what I can see from your brief review, it’s great.
  6. Congrats on your beautiful Ponthieu. I have to say, I tried it on last year but it did not make as big an impression on me as yours does here. I agree about the wonderfully deep embossing on your bag. I also like the way it looks on you with the long strap. Enjoy.
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  7. Here is my Clapton PM

    B32D30CF-4BBE-4A4B-9DA3-B6E713C66C23.jpeg 673EAD23-CECC-4C68-87A3-3FF674C320C2.jpeg
  8. Favorite MM came up on the website [​IMG]
  9. Dropped my six key holder off for repair and unexpectedly purchased this- just jumped into my lap at the same time my card jumped out of my wallet
  10. Will take some when I next wear my Cannes :smile:
  11. Hi @Bumbles I purchased the Wave Heart bag in black last weekend but haven't posted about it as been busy with Work etc. I plan to use it tomorrow so can take some mod shots if you like and also let you know what fits and in after using it :smile:
    The leather is so lovely and soft but due to design of the bag it does have small creases where the leather bends to form top on the heart. I hadn't intended purchasing this bag as from images thought it was going to be too small but seeing IRL I was surprised on the actual size and instantly loved it :heart:
  12. Here is my the new Locks Neo Noe I purchased for my daughter last weekend :smile:
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  13. [

    Oh I love this, my daughter would too. Maybe an idea for her birthday
  14. Wow Fernsmum! You’re on a roll you always get the limited unique pieces. And you’re Cannes is another unique one too. Can’t wait to see that too. Yes would love to see pics of your heart wave bag. What made you buy it? I would like to know what are the pros and cons in particular. I have a iPhone plus and I know that doesn’t fit, but from the pics on here and Instagram it is so cute and I keep going back to it. It’s off my list and now back on, and since you got one too, it’s definitely back on my list again! Yes whenever you have time would love to see pics and mods shots and what you fit inside. How are you planning on using it? Do you think it’s age specific or only for the younger generation? Or do you think you can continue to use this design for years to come? I’m trying to buy bags that I can keep using and in my collection for years to come.
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  15. It is really lovely and we compared the plain monogram Neo Noe to this one and the canvas feels thicker but softer in the Locks one which we both loved.
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