Let's boogy!!!

  1. So, my bf somehow stumbled onto my thread about the disco ball & if it would scratch the canvas, & he's not even a member of this forum... :confused1:
    Anyways, being the sweetie that he is, he got the gold one for me today during lunch! :nuts:
    Now I can dress up my damier speedy! I want the MC pastilles (sp?) bracelet as well, but they sold out of them, so I put my name down on their call list. Woot!
    disco 002.jpg disco 003.jpg
  2. congrats! looks cute!
  3. What a sweetie!! It looks great on your speedy, Congrats!!!
  4. Good for you. Sweet BF! Don't worry about it scratching..I have that exact one on my Saleya now and it's been there for weeks without a prob!
  5. Wow, so sweet. yr damier is pretty:drool: , Congrats
  6. :nuts: Congrats!! Looks great with your Damier:love:
  7. Very cute!
  8. Aww that's so sweet of him, congrats!
  9. score! I wonder how he saw it, hmm.. doesnt matter LOL congrats! the disco ball is really cute
  10. I want one! Congrats! : )
  11. What a thoughtful BF! Congrats!
  12. Aww so sweet!!! Its gorgeous! Congrats! :biggrin:
  13. what a nice bf!!! congrats! it's pretty!
  14. Love it! I saw this in person at Saks the other day and was much bigger than I thought it would be. It's a beauty!

    May I ask a question please? How did you attach this to your bag? Is there some trick to opening the O-ring that attaches to the bag? Thanks!
  15. so sweet! congrats!