Lets be honest now - Is/are there any H product that you don't really like?

  1. I'm curious about this ...
    Be honest now. Is there any H product that you don't like?
    I feel that everybody here seems to like everything Hermes. Like hermes is kind of your most precious thing over anything else in the world.
  2. I don't really like the Garden Party. It doesn't go ding-ding-ding for me :nogood:
  3. The Himalaya, the Symbiose, and company.
  4. I am not sure if I don't like it, but I have mixed feelings about the Evelynes... Although I love the messenger bag look, I guess I really don't like the big "H" in front of it. I guess it's the only bag (that I know) where the Hermes log is such a dominant part of the bag...
  5. Omg i was about to say the exact same thing, love the idea of the messenger so convenient but the big H turns me off, if i ever got one i would wear it backwards (as it was intended) :supacool: I like the Vespa so much more though, i guess you know you are truly over logos when the H ones seem too much for you. to think i used to want a Gucci monogram bag so badly only a year ago :rolleyes:
  6. I'm not a huge fan of the HAC - prefer the birkin....
  7. ....yes :ninja:
  8. I don't really like the twillys:push:...what do you do with that strip of silk? I'd much rather pay a little more and have the whole scarf.
    Hope I didn't offend anyone.:shame:
  9. :yes::yes:
  10. If the 32cm came in a Birkin rather than a HAC...I'd love the Birkin too.
  11. Personally I don't really like bolide ... for me it just looks sooo old :p like i see many grannies on sydney street totting the bolide or some similar shape handbag :smile: *sorry bolide owners*
  12. The GPT doesn't do much for me; it doesn't make me go OOOH for it's price tag! If it came in brighter colors with more interesting detail, I'd be all for it, though. Which stinks because I need to buy a tote for university soon, and I don't think I'll be buying Hermes >_> I'm going to have a wicked brand affair :push:

    Other than that, I'm personally not terribly huge on the enamel bracelets, the HAC (I think the short handles are out of proportion with the bag), and the Lindy (no matter how many times I see it or try it on, I just can't like this bag!)

  13. hate the fragrances.............dont care for the evelyne (that big H is a turn off to me)
  14. I have to admit. Things that I might not care for...I see them on other people, and they look great. Sometimes, it's just the fact of...well, I wouldn't spend that much on a particular item. Say, the trim bag. Looks great on others, I just am not ready to spend $3700.00 on one.

  15. well said--i see women all over nyc with the evelyne and it looks so effortlessly chic but when i put it on my shoulder.............mmmmmmmmmm not so much.