Let's be honest now...collecting or using?

  1. I guess through all my tokidoki craziness I wondered to myself...are we buying these bags to actually use or just "collecting".

    Granted my collection only consists of three bags but I am tempted to get as many prints that I like even though I feel like it's "excessive" but I am also late to the tokidoki craze. In the meantime, I wondered hmm...will I use these bags for years after the collaboration ends? I've never been a "bag" or "shoe" girl per say but I've always liked cutesy things like Hello Kitty and Jap anime and things like that so that's why I love tokidoki. The hard part for me is that I was never one to switch bags everyday...but if I start getting all these bags...I probably should. :smile:
  2. I use all of mine. If I have one that sits around and I know that I am not going to use it I sell it.
  3. USING!!!! It is so much fun to change my bag to match my mood.
  4. totally using as many as I can, as often as i can!! :biggrin:
  5. Both...:nogood:
  6. I used all of mine...except the newer pieces like CR ciao/BV hehe
  7. I use mine too, or have plans to use them soon. If I don't use something I sell or trade it for something I will use. :tup:
  8. I seem to be collecting. I've got something in almost all of the prints. And I feel it is excessive since I've only used a few of my bags. I plan on selling at least half of my collection since there are some bags I will probably never use.

    I say really think it over. The bags are expensive in my opinion and it adds up over time.
  9. I only have a few bags which only consist of Pirata and Inferno. I'm loving my Inferno BV, for style and use, and I've actaully got a Pirata BV on the way. I haven't really used my canguro, but i plan to for times when i go out at nite. And as much as I love my campeggio and corriere, because of the placements, i've been trying to convince myself that I don't really need them since I'm set on the BVs. But there's always that "what if..." running through my mind.
  10. 100% using. my friend thought it was a sane obsession when she thought i was collecting because it'll probably grow in value over time.. but then i told her i do use them and she thinks i'm crazy for having so many now..

    i actually feel sad when some of my bags don't get used as much as they should. i guess that makes me limit what i'm getting to what i'll be more likely to use.
  11. Both. I've used about half my bags so far. But I've only bought bags that I've loved, and I consider them to be cool works of urban art, so I am totally comfortable keeping ones I don't use and just displaying them (they are pretty much hanging all over my 2nd bedroom/dressing room/purse room).
  12. I definitely use all of mine. If I have a bag I can't/won't use I sell it or trade it. I always feel bad for all of the bags I'm NOT using on any particular day. :lol:

  13. I use all of them as often as possible--they are so much fun! Sometimes I will switch bags in the middle of the day if I am running an errand for example, and switch from like a bv to a ciao.
  14. I try to use them as often as I can...although there are some that gets to go out more often than others...like my BV which I use for school
  15. All of my bags get used :p They're too expensive to just sit there and be pretty dust collectors, might as well get my moneys worth and flash them around town as often as I can.