Let's all write a letter to Hermes, where is the exlusivity?

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  1. I was in london for the weekend, I was completely shocked to see the amount of birkins on very unstylish (yet rich)women...most from the gulf states.I'm not being a racist- as I'm from a gulf state too, but Ive been exposed to Hermes since childhood, and have aquired my own collection knowing the brand, what it represents, and what its about, I get so mad when I see women carrying an Hermes bag, no knowing what leather it is, what is the official color name, and some not even knowing the name of the bag- some who do- don't know why it has been named such.
    I've seen around 20 Hermes bags (mostly birkins and kellys) in less than 48 hours- on arms of women who just look soo clueless. .it just bothers me! They just own it because of the price tag- most of them dont even know how to pronounce HERMES.

    Where has the exclusivity gone? is Hermes making more bags? why dont they profile who they sell to? you know- anyone who walks in- asking for a BLUE bag with locks should be banned. I mean seriously, I'm soo angered!

    Why dont we all write a letter to hermes- to be more exlusive. I by no means ask for them no to sell to certain races- no- just to stick to closed waiting list policies- and to make sure a woman who buys an Hermes can represent them- this goes to all nationalities-
    I hate seeing my coveted bags on every arm..:cursing:
  2. Gosh, I strongly believe that all bags are for everyone.
  3. Oooh, I don't know about this. It bothers me to think that there would be some sort of "requirement" for enjoying Hermes (other than being able to afford one, I suppose). While I may not like a certain person's style, I don't think it gives me the right to banish the person from wearing H.

    Who knows? Catch me on an off day and believe me, the H police would be confiscating my Hermes pieces in a New York minute!

    Ultimately, those that buy anything because it's the fad of the moment always move on to something else. The true Hermes connossiers will always remain.
  4. You don't need to know a leather or color to appreciate H?! I'm sure no one at H expects this form the customers, it is us as customers to make the decision if we want to learn it all. H has a huge variety of leathers so for SO they can pull out the book and find which leather the customer prefers most, not so the customer can study and memorize them, to prove their loyalty.

    say if you were successful and convinced H, what good will that do? it will be harder for everyone to acquire bags, and the secondary market will rise further.

    I myself have not seen this epidemic and hope i don't, but what the worst that could happen? Birkins become the new 'overexposed' bag that everyone and their dog has. well I would not buy it H has plenty of other bags and accessories that interest me. give them a few years to cool off and the birkin would be just the same.
  5. yeah if they went with your requirement, I would not be allowed to own a Hermes. I am not rich, I do well for myself and by Hermes as I can. I work hard for my money and I am young.

    so based on your standards, I wouldn't be able to have Hermes.

  6. I am speaking my mind very frankly. We can't stop anyone from buying what they want, and wearing them how they want it.

    Maybe it is time for you to find a new bag to covet?
  7. Crap if they started "profiling" their customers, this Hairy fat Jewish girl would never be let into the store again. :push:
  8. Hermes is a business like any other business and they are in it to make a profit. I think the waiting lists are more about marketing...less supply, more demand than it is about making sure the "right" person gets the bag. :flowers: Anyone who can afford it should be able to get an H bag or whatever else they desire.
  9. My goodness, I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I believe no matter your style, ability to pronouce a name or even where you live should exclude you from owning anything--let alone a bag. I know that there are times when I'm asking my SA about a color or name of something and I have a hard time pronouncing the name...and she does as well. With all due respect....maybe it's time to just focus on your love of Hermes and not worry about others--just my humble opinion. :heart:
  10. WooooooooooW! That's interesting.
  11. man...this thread is going to stir the pot right up this mornin'
  12. :yes::yes::yes:
  13. just re-read your post and what you wrote in bold above WTF. seriously. seriously. oh my gosh seriously
  14. I was about to give a piece of my mind, but world peace man. World peace.
  15. you might have seen me looking like a mess and carrying my Birkin but I was just going out for the paper and coffee. I promise to dress better next time.My life style really is not corespondent to my knowledge I hope this helps.
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