Let's All Visit the Rock Purse Gallery!

  1. A friend, knowing my interest in one-of-a-kind hand-embroidered bags, sent me this link, thinking I might like to explore other flavors of unique Purse Art in case my Total Shopping Ban ever ends.

    So of course I rushed right over here to share it with my fellow Pocketbook Enthusiasts! :smile:

    A few examples, and of course, the link to the Gallery!





  2. WOW those are amazing...I wouldn't carry one but they'd make great decoration pieces!
  3. Wow! Striking! Beautiful!
  4. Wow, how clever and original!
  5. Thanks, ShimmaPuff!
  6. LOL I don't think I would either, I think they are made of some modern kind of clay, and I am way too clumsy to carry a bag that might break if dropped or bumped on something.

    They are mighty pretty to look at though!