Let's all give Boxermom some good vibes!

  1. Pat (boxermom) might just ring my neck for posting this, but she is having surgery next Monday. She never complains on this forum, but she has had some real problems with her back and has been suffering in silence. Let's all send some PF lovin' her way and pray for her speedy recovery!!
    We love you Pat!!:heart:
  2. Hi Boxermom... I think I've seen you on the BV thread & possibly the Balenciaga thread. I'm sending you positive thoughts your way... :dothewave:

    We'll be thinking about yah~!
  3. Good luck, hope all goes well for you!
  4. Hi Boxermom, im keeping you in my prayers!! *hugs*
  5. Jody, the neck-wringing will wait till I'm stronger lol! You're very sweet to get support for me, just as everyone did for Elaine (Prada Psycho) when she was enduring the pain of her back problems. It helps to know we're not alone. tPF is such a good community.

    Thanks, oogiewoogie, robyn, crabtreemeeko and Irishgal. Crabtreemeeko, In less than a month if I could be in Spain, I would be a very happy person! I love Spain--have a wonderful time there!
  6. Pat, good luck on your surgery and have fun in Spain!
  7. good luck Pat! I will be thinking about you. I hope you feel better soon!!!
  8. Pat... tons of thoughts and luck going your way!! you really are a strong woman. If you need anything please let me know!! Any way that I can help :heart:

    you are a beloved member here- we love having you!!! :flowers:
  9. Wishing you the best, boxermom! I always enjoy your posts.
  10. I'm really touched by your good wishes, GTOFan, graceful, Megs, & Aslan. tPF is my second home and I hope I won't be gone very long! I know if I needed help with something, the wonderful people here would come through.:tup:
  11. Good luck Boxermom- we'll be here if there is anyone you need to talk to during recuperation!
  12. Happy thoughts, prayers and vibes to you, Boxermom!!!
  13. Happiness and hugs to you Boxermom, best of luck with the surgery, I am sure it will go great!!
  14. Good luck with your surgery and hope you feel better soon!
  15. Good luck with your surgery wishing you a speedy recovery!