Let's All Bid a Fond Farewell to Mr. Stephen

  1. HEEHEE...another one bit the dust for the Balenciaga bug....this leaves me with only one LV. I'm begging LV to release something I can't live without!!! Although I am loving the accessories :smile:

    So let's all take a moment of silence and bid a fond farewell to Mr. Monogram Stephen. He was a gorgeous addition and the whole 3 times I wore him I had a big smile! Got compliments every single time I wore him.

    But alas...he is going on to greener pastures. Going to a Momma who will love and appreciate him :smile:

  2. omg noess! don't go !! lol .. :smile:
  3. :wtf: twiggerssssssss
  4. *gasp* good bye mr. stephen
    I hope I never get bitten by balenciaga bug..can't even imagine saying bye to my louis
  5. OMG Twiggers.....
    I thought you and Stephen had an eternal love....
    you've moved on.

    Just goes to show you how fickle us bag addicts are !!

    I totally understand.......I've done it too.
  6. OMG!!!! Really bye bye to Mr. Stephen? :wtf:
  7. OMG somebody save Twiggers...I see her clicking the Balenciaga forum as we speak :crybaby: :crybaby:
  8. NNNOOOOOO!!!! OMG!!! :crybaby::wtf: I wish he was mine!
  9. OMG!! the force must be strong in BBag land. Goodbye Mr. Stephen you were loved and adored by your Mama Twiggers for awhile.
  10. :wtf:jeez twiggers!! the stephan is much nicer than any b-bag dont let him go :sad: you will be missed twiggers and mr. stephan :crybaby: BUt I give you props for being able to sell your LV.
  11. LOL...thanks all! He's actually heading back to his original Momma with instructions to contact me if she gets the urge to sell again...LOL!!!

    All that is left now is my black MC speedy...and it's got one foot out the door too LOLOL!!!

    Please LV...come out with something phenomenal for S/S!!!! I'm begging ya!!!

    But it's been fun...this past week has seen 3 new bags come in...it' like Christmas...I LOVE it!!

    I might actually grab a Palermo, since it's similar to Stephen but a little smaller!
  12. Twiggers is leaving us.. :crybaby: ..but some of us other LV lovers are luckily reaping the benefits of her defection! Mwaahaahaahaarghggh! [​IMG]
    *hi-fives mysterious Stephen buyer* [​IMG]


    Lol, I'm just joking but at least your LV items are staying in the tPF family, even if you are switching to another branch of the family tree. You'd better still hang out with us here from time to time... :love:
  13. Awww Lisa...love that pic! Mr. Panda :smile:

    Oh yea...I;m not going anywhere....I'm patiently waiting for October and the S/S shows!!!! And I desperately need some accessories....sweet flowers and the new Foilie jewelry stuff!

  14. **pulls MC Speedy foot back in and locks the door** NO, don't let this gorgeous baby go! :nogood:

    Goodbye Mr. Stephen .... :cry:
  15. I can't believe you got rid of it. I remember how crazy you were about that bag. But, at least you're enjoying your new bags better :smile: