Leticia wedges sizing info?

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  1. Hi, i'm eyeing on leticia wedges 30mm since there's F&F sale going on the web, but want to know about sizing. I own reva and sally wedge both using size 8, but when i ordered amanda demi wedge in size 8 is too big for me. So i'm wondering about leticia since the model is quite similar to amanda. Anyone could help? Thanks..
    This is the pics for leticia and amanda, but amanda is discontinued now i guess..
  2. I have no experience with these but I would like to know too. I really want these too. I just ordered 2 pairs of shoes so I will have to wait to get these.
  3. I have the Leticia high wedge and is true to size. I am an 8 1/2, sometimes with other brands I have to go up half of size or down. But with this model is true to size. They are super comfortable you should check the high heel model it looks great with jeans and dresses.