lether items on sale

  1. I know there's "s" stamp on the sale item, but is it same with leather goods? such as

    bags and wallets?

    Is there anybody who has seen birkin bag with "s" embossing (just like the craftmanID

    and year alphabet)

  2. Yes there is an S stamp on leather items too. It´s usually very discreet.
  3. Thank you Nola!
    but is it just stamp? or embossed?

    Thank you.
  4. The S is imprinted under the Hermes Paris France logo on leather goods. On some items it's discreet (some wallets, some bags) on some not (employee sale higher price item bags)
  5. Oh sorry didn´t notice this. It´s pressed on the leather so I guess that means embossed (English is not my mother tongue) anyway it´s not like the hermes paris stamp.
  6. Thanks, and the letter s with other numbers? like 's 5678' or something?
  7. I just bought a full price bag that has the letter S in the blindstamp...am assuming it was the craftsman's id.