Let-trades Oskar auction...this CANNOT be right??

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  1. I guess it is a special auction set up for that ebay user and also may be at that auction price (but a different one is actually paid) for the bidder to escape paying customs charges when it is shipped in???
  2. No way!! It was $6K!?! OMG I want it! LOL
  3. oh man that bag is gorgeous.
  4. I'm sure the buyer will actually pay much more but that invoice will help at customs. The low price also helps LT's ebay seller fees so it is a win for both the seller and buyer. Wish I could get an Oskar at that price LOL
  5. I'm lost what's wrong with the auction? The price?
  6. Yes it was around US$1K but I am sure as others stated it was for the fees.
  7. ^Oh I see.
  8. It´s staded that it´s a special auction for someone named Nury, no one else should bid. I think that was the point of this thread.
  9. I'm confused?

  10. Really? Let-trade makes special auctions for me. :confused1:
  11. Well that´s what it says on the auction:shrugs: Do they make those for you too, you lucky gal!

  12. Hehe. Yah, but it's usually when I buy more than one item. I put the two bags together to make one transaction. Not too sure why they did it for the Oskar and nothing else. :confused1:
  13. i dont get it. are we suppose to be looking at the price of the item? its in hk dollars. i think the bag will just really work out to be 1500 cdn
  14. lol