Let-trade's got new stuff - incl. a NEW pink CB pap!

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  1. Wow...let-trade is just rocking the awesome stuff lately, isn't he?

    There's a new pink CB pap, a new cerisies pochette, and a new brown CB pochette, among other things...

    Go for it, tPFers!
  2. ohhh man its makin me nuts i gotta stop looking hahaha
  3. I want the brown CB pochette! And I want the Bronze Bedford although it's not in the best condition....no more spending for me, though! I love it when they update their stuff frequently!
  4. :nuts: That suede Theda PM! It's so dirty though...:crybaby:
  5. Gah I wish the houston was in better condition, otherwise I'd so get it.
  6. Yeah, I was looking at that too...if only it was the blue one :hysteric:
  7. great price on that denim neo speedy too!
  8. ahh drooling over the cb pap and denim speedy! :drool:
  9. :drool: If only! :love:
  10. I really want the Demi Lune Pochette... but what colour is that? Yellow? or Mandarin??? and anyone can tell me about the datecode??? Can't really see.... but it seems like there is only 3 number, am I right?
  11. MANDARIN!! It is gorgeous, go for it. There's a mandarin Soufflot too, mmmm.
  12. I'm still thinking about that skirt
  13. Nice new stuff!
  14. Hmmmm, beautiful stuff.:nuts: Would love the cherry blossom pap, but not this month.:sad:
  15. Ooooh vanilla pont neuf !