Let-trade's announcements

  1. Let-trade asked me to make the below announcements to all LV's tPFer

    Since Asia got big earthquake two days ago, it damaged Asia's internet, so
    we are not able to log on to purse forum. I received some private email
    from purse forum member, but we are not able to reply their email. We will
    only able to log on to our email and our website. Please contact us at sales@let-trade.com instead of pm. Many many thanks

    so if and tPFer have any question or want to buy anything LV from him, please use email.

    please don't move this thread, cause its mainly for LV fans...


  2. Thanks for the info.:yes:
  3. Thanks, I did see where they uploaded some new goods!!! GREAT PRICES!!!
  4. earthquakes are scary! hope everyones fine!
  5. I heard about this. Text messages and phone calls to the Philippines took forever.
  6. Thank you for the info. Here's hoping everyone is well and safe...:sad:
  7. Thanks for sharing, I hope they all are fine
  8. yup, it happened in Taiwan, all the cabel to JP, China, HK, KR and other near by countries, it's gonna roughly 2 weeks to fix.
  9. I have so much to be grateful for when I hear things like this.
    Thanks for lettings us know about lets trade!
  10. Thank you for letting us know.
  11. i heard about the quake... just hope everyone is safe and sound! thanks for posting the announcment.
  12. can we sell our items to let-trade?
  13. aha that's why i can't log on tPF.....i see :smile:
  14. its been affecting the whole asia pacific region ... will take a few weeks to recover :sad:
  15. Thanks for the info