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  1. Had a look at this site. Are the bags definately authentic?:confused1:
  2. Yes, they are. What bags make you think they are not?:confused1:
  3. just some of the prices were quite low.
  4. I have purchased from LT and my bag is 100% authentic and I would never hesitate to purchase from them again!
  5. All their bags are authentic.
  6. No doubt about L-T :yes: Just think, what for they sell fake if they can effort 100% AUTHENTIC suhali, mirroir, mink le fabu etc? I've purchased up to 10 LV from them and all 100% AUTHENTIC, just try it :yes:
  7. What is the link to this site? i've never heard of it!
  8. authentic. no counterfeit. no fake. great communication.
    he will give you all the proof you could want, just email him and he will send you pix and give you all the bags info. better pix of date code and heatstamp, whatever.

    we all trust him around here.
    i wonder if he knows how much business this forum gets him?!?!?!
  9. ^^^probably a lot!
  10. :yes::yes:
  11. Yep, definitely authentic. In the last 4wks I've bought 3 bags from him.....all in great condition.
  12. all authenticity questions shoould be asked in the Authenticate This! sticky please.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.