let-trade ?

  1. :confused1: Please let me know if i have to paid for custom tax since the seller is located in hong kong. Also how is tie seller, any one buy anything from him yet?
  2. I have bought a few things and never had to pay customs tax.
  3. I had to pay customs...it was only $14.95 though.
    Canadian Customs did open my package, that could be why. Let-trade stated the value as $280 HKD which is less than $50 CAD and I thought Customs only taxed on items $100+...but since they opened my package, that COULD be why.
  4. i didn't have to pay customs and the value stated on outside was $700 (despite me paying $900...) They package real nicely too, and it came really fast!
  5. once yes and once no.. all depends on how customs feels that day.
  6. I couldn't be happier with my bag that I bought from them. It came so fast (even faster than any packages I had gotten from the States). I was lucky that the Canadian custom didn't open my package so I didn't have to pay anything :yahoo:
  7. Let-Trade is one of the best sellers on ebay. They pack every well & ship quite fast. It really depends on the value of the item and how your luck holds that day LOL
  8. good thread I was wondering that myself

    thank you
  9. For what he charges for his bags (AND shipping included in his prices!) the customs is NOTHING! :nuts:
  10. i just bought off let-trade too! it did say on the tracking that my package was 'handed over to custom for inspection'... i havnt gone back home yet (where my parents live) so i don't know how much let-trade declared on my form but my mom said i didn't have to pay any customs at all!
  11. ^ me, too! the package said "used bag" so it went through with no troubles! :smile:
  12. I thought you have to paid for shipping, didn't know it include in the BIN price:confused1: Does It?
  13. ^ it's included on let-trade.com but it's not on their eBay listings.
  14. is the price listed the last price?? can you still ask for a discount?? :confused1:
  15. hey i have a question- why are the prices on their site more than their listings on ebay? i saw they have a mini momo jospehine listed for 399 on their site and the same exact bag listed on ebay for 349.99. is this normal?