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  1. hi guys, i'm thinking of buying a wallet from let-trade, and from what all you guys are saying, they're a truly authentic-only LV seller... if i do win this wallet, should i still bring it to a store to be authenticated? for those who have bought from them, are you guys happy with your items? many many thanks :yahoo:

    btw, this forum has proven to be most addictive!! :love:
  2. Yes, Let-trade sells authentic items.You can always take it to the store for your piece of mind.They always try to describe the items as accurate as possible.
  3. Let-trade sells the real dea. I'm a very happy repeat customer!
  4. I don't want to seem obnoxious but let-trade has some issues with fakes (I'm not talking about when let-trade has been caught buying a fake cerise speedy on ebay). There is a rumor saying that they mix super fakes (perfect image copy) with authentic bags. This way they can have a good reputation, make money on the super fakes they sells, and sell authentic bags for less.

    Again the potential for a buyer (that has been recommended by someone else) to bring the bag for authentication is unlikely.

    In an other thread a pf member shared with us her eperience. She bought a super fake and brought it to the store and they said it was an authentic louis vuitton bag. she brought back the bag for repair and when they opened the bag they found out it was a fake.

    Super fakes are obviously not the fakes we find in the US. They look exactly the same and Hong Kong is from what I heard the paradise of super fakes.
  5. Just out of curiosity, did the member who brought the super-fake for repairs buy it off of Let-Trade? I bought a bag off of Let-Trade and brought it into the store for authentication (which they said it was.) I don't care if someone recommends another seller, I always bring a bag in for authentication.

  6. I, too, I'm reluctant, as I can't believe the sell price. I know there are undetectcable super fakes out there, and for me personally and if at possibly, I buy directly from my local LV store or Elux. Peace of mind, really, is what comes down to it. Way tooooo may ultra-super fakes out there. :yucky:
  7. Can you post the link to that thread? I must've missed that whole ordeal.
  8. yeah, because I just did a forum search and all I could find were members praising let-trade, Miroir Princess included!
  9. I supported him because everybody was! I trust you girls! I can't find the thread either. The other pf member bought her super fake not from let-trade. She just shared the experience with us. You need to reread my post, b/c you'll see I didn't actually say 'let-trade sold a fake yada yada' lol :wtf:
  10. I've bought from them and there's no problem:shrugs:
  11. Actually, you mention the rumor about Let-Trade and the super-fakes in the first paragraph, then follow with the story of the Pf'er in the second. When you use the passive voice, the reader assumes that : a.) The agent of the action is unknown, or b.)The agent of the action is universally known. Since you were talking about Let-Trade before you told us about the Pf'ers experience, the reader thinks you meant that Let-trade had something to do with the super-fake sold to the pf'er.

    Sorry, the English teacher in me just came out.:P Thank you for clarifying what you meant.
  12. I don't think it was an English teacher that came out of you :P If you know what I mean :nuts:
  13. This is let-trade. I think I need to explain one more time. We DID NOT PAY FOR THAT FAKE CERISES SPEEDY! Never!! THE TRANSACTION DID NOT GO THUR!
    WE don't buy from ebay and resell it on our website or auction. We will only take our local lv customer's purse for resell on ebay. We take our busines as very serious matter. Each our item will only buy from our local lv customer!
    WE just won 1 lv on ebay from our account open til now and in fact we did not pay for it!!!
    Feel free to take all of our item to your local lv to verified. We don't sell super fake item. WE NEVER EVER HAS REAL CUSTOMER REPORT we SOLD FAKE OR SUPER FAKE ITEM! Check feedback yourself! Sometime we did refused sell item to less feedback buyer, this also made people mad at us! This could be the reason why people doing this to us! Many purse forum member told us this should be done by competitor.
    Beside this,Most LV reseller bought from us and if we selling super fake I don't think they will buy from us again. Think about those reseller feedback, they purchased a lot of lv, they are very qualify to say what is fake or what is authentic. Some people spending rumor , make sure you know their feedback!
    I personally working for Louis vuitton boutique. There have no superfake item from hong kong or china. They only have bad fake item call A ! Most super fake item is from France or Italy, because one of France LV purse maker not happy with lv's offer, so he quit and then he producing fake lv item call super fake. However super fake is not same as authentic one because the quality of leather , coloring , size, screw and coating is big different with authentic lv. Actually it is quit easy to know if it is superfake.
  14. I am perfectly proud to admit that being a B**** and an English teacher are one and the same sometimes.:wlae:
  15. First of all, I never spoke bad about you in any previous post - so please, don't come out attacking me. I don't appreciate it. :rant:

    I think you should have read the WHOLE thread, because I just talked about super-fakes from CHINA & HONG KONG, which are known to be way better than anything that comes from France or Italy.

    I've seen some of those from Europe & they really do look fake, and even if you had one, I'm sure like other PF-er's can tell you, you would be caught red-handed by the police or LV police in France b/c they have strict counterfeit rules against that (not like in the USA) :censor:

    No offense to you let-trade, but I see that you are spying on what we say here. Isn't that against Vlad's rules somewhere ? It's like you're trying to sell yourself or prove something. I just posted this not even a couple of minutes ago. I think you should you just let us praise what you do, instead of coming here and dictating what we say. If you believe what you do is legit, you don't need to justify yourself babe :P

    One more thing, " You work for LV" ? Isn't that bad then what you're doing ? As in, reselling their stuff ? Isn't that a parallel market rule or something like that ? In which LV boutique do you work ?

    Just some advice for you, that's all...:tender:


    I was referring to this little incident that was posted in another thread, where someone posted this link about you, let-trade :

    Rip Off Report:Lam Sau KamLam Sau Kam, ebay Seller Let-trade Sells FAKE Louis Vuitton swears they are real and purchased by himself Ripoff Shatin Hong Kong