1. ive only just found let-trade, how do you buy a bag from there...do you offer them a price or is there a buy it now ?. Can you please give me some info about let-trade :smile:
  2. check their ebay store :P
  3. I've purchased quite a few items from Let-Trade ~ super fast shipping and the items are always as described and absolutley authentic.
  4. you can purchase directly from their website. the prices are much cheaper as they already include shipping. many items he has for sale on his wesbite are not in ebay listings. its better to check his website rather than his ebay listings. the only problem is the availability as he updates the status of items slower than ebay which updates automatically when an item is purchased
  5. They have a lot of nice things.
  6. I have to agree with you here. I too have purchased from let-trade and shipping is fast :smile:. Items were just as they were listed :smile: They're on my watch list.
  7. I never bought from ebay or let-trade before but just curious... :P I heard that if you buy from ebay using paypal, it's more secured as you are protected by both ebay and paypal if anything happened throughout the transaction. Then is it secured to buy directly from let-trade's website? :shame:
  8. they are one of my favorite sellers by far. the most reasonably priced IMO and fast shipping. they will also try to find anything you are looking for if you send them an e-mail.
  9. Paypal is a good way to go...but remember...anytime you use your credit card you're protected (you can do a chargeback!)
  10. I've used their service before and they're great.
    Because of the time difference -communication can seem slow but they're pretty prompt with their replies.

    They update their inventory quite a bit and I love browsing through it.
    There's quite a few threads about them, so you could do a search to see view more information. =)