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  1. I'm in the U.S., in Michigan. I was looking at a handbag that's about $600. What would the taxes and duties be from Let-trade.com? Anyone know???
  2. #2 Jun 6, 2008
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2008
    I just recently bought a Cerises wallet from LT on his site and I didn't pay any taxes or other charges.

    I bought a LV bag just yesterday from him too and don't expect to pay anything else other than what I paid for the bag.

    He's a great seller IMO too :yes:

    btw..I live in Arizona so I'm in the states too.
  3. No taxes of duties for me either when buying from Let-Trade
  4. He actually classifies the bag as a "gift" to avoid these fees! I just bought the Stephen from him and it was awesome!!!
  5. #5 Jun 6, 2008
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2008
    He also marks the item down a little. I live in Canada and I had to pay about $11 in taxes/duties for a $300 bag.
  6. Whaaaaaa?!? I'm confused he sold something that originally went for $300 for only $11?

    Geez I think I paid $100 over retail for my bag (granted its no longer available in stores)!
  7. Should've been more specific. Since we were on the topic of duties and taxes, the $11 referred to duties/taxes.
  8. hehe sorry I was thinking you got some amazing deal! I know he has pretty fair prices, but that was unbelievable :P
  9. i live in canada and didn't have to pay anything, it was marked as gift and a lower price.
  10. ITA with other, they always mark item as a gift and declare in low amount. The price is also including EMS shipping :nuts:
  11. the shipping is included and i have never paid duties coming into the country. good lucK!
  12. Thought I would just let everyone know that let-trade just added a ton of new bags! They have soo many that I want:P. Someone here needs to get them before I am tempted:yes:
  13. Don't do too much damage:graucho:
  14. oooo checking it out now. brb
  15. Thanks for the updated. :smile:
    O my, I want to get the Monogram Stephen (SO TEMPTING), is this web site reliable?