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  1. I was looking at let-trade's website and noticed that they don't mention if their items are used or new

    Does anyone know if they are reputable in terms of the condition?

    Since they have such great prices I'm afraid the bags may be used...new bags on Ebay (from reputable sellers) are much more expensive than on let-trade

    For instance, a classic black chanel flap jumbo is 2399 but on other EBay sellers they go for 2800+

    I'm a little confused about let-trade's quality and prices
  2. Yes their bags are used. I have had nothing but great experience with Let-Trade. I have purchased a few LV bags with them that have been in immaculate shape. They are my favorite E-Bay seller.
  3. I think their products look in excellent condition but my issue is that I want to sell some of them if I don't like them and the best way to sell is in new condition I assume?
  4. the better condition the bag is, of course it will sell better. Let Trade is very good about letting you know what condition the bag is in as well as posting really good photos. If you need more photos then ask them - they will send more to you. but you should be absolutely sure before you buy any bag from anyone second hand. don't buy anything you think you won't like and you won't have to resell.
  5. they're used, and they provide LOTS of pics on the bag condition
    bought an lv bag and very satisfied :yes:
  6. thanks all!
  7. i don't trust let trade they had a lv montorgueil for way more than the pm or gm
  8. You can email them and ask about condition. I've bought from them a couple of times and no problems at all. They are usually really good with describing the condition. One time I met them up when I was in Hong Kong and they let me fully inspect the purse before I bought it so they're pretty confident in their items' quality.