Let-Trade Website

  1. Anyone having difficulties accessing the website. I've tried this weekend with no luck. :confused1:

  2. I tried and I can load it !! ^^
  3. I tried and I can load it !! ^^
    Can you provide your link? I just keep getting cannot find server.

  4. Great!!! That one worked. I'll change mine! Whew, I'm glad I hadn't lost that!

    I think you can get some good buys on that site.

  5. I had some problems on and off. I think they have been having server issues.
  6. Is that a legit site? never heard of it! Authentic?
  7. Yes. There are also a lot of previous threads regarding let-trade - authenticity questions, shipping etc... Just do a search. He's a great guy to work with.
  8. Yes but now, I can access again, try it. They list new stuffs
  9. :yahoo:Can't praise them high enough. I got a black Epi Gobelins for $439, which was in almost perfect condition. Then I tried to get the monogram gange, but someone beat me to it (someone on this forum as a matter of fact, which I later found out), and they refunded my credit card faster than you can say supercalifragilisticespealidocious!

  10. I was actually trying to log in there just now and without any luck:sad: maybe they have server problems...:sad:
  11. Yeah, I just tried myself. I hate I can't get in, but it's nice to know that it's not just me!
  12. i am also having problems. i thought something was wrong with my computer.
  13. yup,d oesnt work for me either!
  14. :crybaby:Yesterday I have tried can, but today can't.