Let-trade virgin - red epi petit noe

  1. I'm looking for a red epi petit noe and have emailed let-trade to see if they have one or can locate one.
    What would you regard as a reasonable price to pay? I've not used let-trade before.
    There's a black petit noe for $339 for sale but do the blue and red sell for more?
    He's asked me for my budget and I've said around £200 so any advice would be gratefully received.
  2. I think you'll be able to buy 2nd Petit Noe in great condition with your budget :smile:
  3. I think LT will be able to find a bag for you- he is awesome regarding customer service
  4. Thanks for your help and information. Let-trade seems to come highly recommended so I'm going to hang on and see if he can locate the bag for me.
  5. you should be able to find one at that price no prob.
  6. i love let-trade they will find it for you.
  7. I wonder how long it will take. Has anyone any experience of asking him to locate a bag who could tell me how long I should expect to wait?
  8. Hey I didn't know you could request a bag with him? Hmm... I hope he finds the bag for you soon!
  9. check out
    the sold section so u have an idea if they sold some red ones
    400$ (200£) I am sure is more than enough
  10. I think it's depend on 2nd hand red petit noe stock there :smile: They'll get it if someone will sell or they can call the other 2nd hand branded shops there.
  11. :yes: normally I bought my petit noe around $ 110-165 in good condition for yellow & black color but for mocha, my seller ever asked for $330. I checked eBay market for petit noe, normally they sell their petit noe around $179.99-300 even $350
  12. Thanks for the information. I've heard from let-trade and they've said they'll be in touch when they get one. There is another one for sale via the Hong Kong seller but his shipping is so steep that I'd rather take a chance and wait for let-trade.