Let-trade updated inventory...WOW

  1. The even have a brand new Klara!!! I know one of the ladies on here was looking for one!!!:graucho:
  2. yeah..they have brand new klara.....:drool: :drool:
  3. Irene..we are posting the same time..lol

    I inquired them about the price..
  4. Go bags go!!!!!!!!! LOL
    I want that trouville and the cerises ronde...dang bans!
  5. You know what they say, Nita: great minds think alike!!!:graucho:
  6. true..hehe:graucho:

    Twiggers.. I am still saving up..but I guess no harm to ask for the price lol:lol: ...I am banning myself after Trouville..
  7. The trouville is in really good shape but the cerises speedy is so-so. Still, it might be a good deal!
  8. Are you going after the klara or the trouville nita?
  9. Klara... I think I should be happy with my white one at this moment...
  10. i love the cerises speedy but the patine has gone too dark for my liking :sad:
    I love let-trade. I do.
    I would so jump on the black trouville if I had the cash at the moment.
  12. Oh man I would really like that cherries ronde. I asked for the price but I bet it is sold already! :sad: I really at least want something from that line. I really regret not getting anything from it when it was out!
  13. i want that mini mono Long Alma:cry:
  14. Crystal...have you tried 866-VUITTON? They might have a pochette or two left laying around the country. When I bought mine about 2-3 months ago they said that there were around 30 left in the country.
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