Let-Trade Site Down Again?

  1. just wondering if anyone else is getting the same message when they try to access let-trade's website. when i try the let-trade site, a blue cPanel screen pops up and says that there is no website configured at that address. am i the only one getting this message? :confused1:
  2. I got that too!
  3. Yeah, I can't get to the site either :sad:
  4. me too
  5. I am also getting that screen.
  6. I was on there maybe half an hour ago!? :confused1:

    Just double-checked and it works for me :shrugs:
  7. its working fine here
  8. Working fine for me too:yes:
  9. working ok now!
  10. Yeah, it was down the entire night yesterday. The pics on his auctions won't weren't working!
  11. what's the website?
    I'd like to look at the site since I just purchased something from them on eBay.
  12. No it's a secret!
  13. Just kidding let-trade.com
  14. thanks girl lol!
  15. Yes, our website was currently maintaining, so email and website is down. I am free now. hahhah...
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