let-trade shipping question

  1. I ordered from let-trade recently and I got the EMS shipping. Is that like a UPS or a FedEx equivalent ifor HK? I was searching TPF for information and I could not find any existing threads about EMS. I work all weekday and I am not sure if I have to be home to sign for it. Thanks.
  2. go to hongkongpost.com you can track the package there. once it gets into the Us you can track it via usps.com
  3. EMS is a shipping service similar to Fed Ex. The actual parcel will be delivered to your house by the USPS though. If you can't be there to sign for it, they'll leave the little orange card that says they tried to deliver. You can sign the card and leave it for them to bring the parcel back another day, or you can go to the post office and pick it up directly.

    You can track your parcel here:
    Hongkong Post - Mail Tracking
  4. Thanks for the info! :smile: If its USPS I am comfortable with that. I don't really like UPS because they require you to sign for it if you live in a condo.
    Regards, G
  5. it's USPS.. you can also track it from the usps.com site.. though it doesn't really tell you anything until it's on US soil.
  6. thank you for posting the question I've been wondering that myself