Let-trade server down?

  1. I think let-trade's server is down...can't get on and tried like 10 times....can anybody else get on?:confused1:
  2. It must be, I just tried and it wouldn't let me on either..
  3. Thanks I thought it was my computer since the hackers on tpf:nuts:
  4. not here either
  5. Whatcha buyin' now??? :graucho: ;)
  6. Yea, I have been trying all day. :sad:
  7. It was ok a couple of hours ago, I was just browsing then!
  8. I was on it a few hours ago too and it was working....
  9. works fine now.
  10. it's working now
  11. Me too. Several hours ago.

  12. Just lookin';) Always looking! Can't help myself....this is how I found the bag from you:graucho: (Love it!) ...gotta get the deals when they are about and who knows what I'll find?:yahoo:
    I kinda have an addictive personality....kind'a LOL!:shame:
  13. oh lawd..they have vienna mizi now..bang..bang[​IMG]
  14. awww...
    it's okay...

    it was down for several hours! I was on my break from 9:30-11:00 (6 hours ago) and it was down the WHOLE TIME! AGH!
  15. LOL bags...love the smiley!